5 Easy {and delicious} Treats You Can Make Your Neighbors for the Holidays


I rang the door bell and stepped back. After some time the deadbolt flipped and I heard the door slowly being forced open. My next door neighbor at the time peeked out between the crack with his thick glasses, a walker and wrapped in a robe.

“Hi” I said overly cheerful compensating for my nervousness. “Merry Christmas! I baked cinnamon rolls.”

“I don’t eat stuff like that!” he grumbled and pushed the door shut in my face.

That was the first and last time I ever meet him.



Do you enjoy taking treats to you neighbors over the holidays?

If your like me then yes, you do!

Albeit, I hope you don’t have to encounter the situation I just described. He was the old bachelor next door who lived there years before we moved in and then over a year ago he passed away.

Now our new neighbors LOVE my baked goodies!
And so do the rest of our neighbors!

Before I had my three little cherubs, I baked cinnamon rolls or cookies even made melted chocolate candies joyfully and at a very happy uninterrupted pace. Now with 4 hands eager-beaver to dig in and get doughy with me plus a baby to nurse in between, this years treats for the neighbors will look a lot like these 5 ideas I’d like to share with you. 


Here are five easy {and delicious} treats you can make your neighbors for the holiday’s :


  1. Mint buddy mix Who doesn’t love a good snack mix? This one is pretty and minty to boot. All you need is a box of Rice Chex, 10 oz of white melting chocolate (or almond bark), 1 cup of crushed candy canes, and confectioners’ sugar.Very addicting. Double the batch to keep some for yourself!
  2. Monster cookies You can never go wrong with monster cookies. Really. They are easy to mix up. They have a lot of ingredients so be sure to make your grocery list. The bonus with monster cookies is that they are glutton free!
  3. Pumpkin bread  An easy option for baking goodies is a nice holiday bread. This pumpkin bread is quick to whip up and has simple ingredients. You can use mini loaf pans if you have or buy small aluminum bread pans.
    You can eat/share as is or drizzle a white glaze on top.
    To decorate, wrap with plastic wrap and tie with pretty twine or ribbon. To add an extra touch, tuck in a pine needle sprig or a couple cinnamon sticks!
  4. Easy Gingerbread Men 
    This is a simple (and slightly altered) recipe straight from a Brownie box mix. You mix the brownies adding ginger and cinnamon to taste gingerbreadish and then use gingerbread men cookie cutters to cut out shapes straight from the brownies.
    So easy, mama. You can do this. You don’t even have to decorate. Just dust with powdered sugar and be done.If however you prefer an actual gingerbread recipe this blog has a recipe that is next to perfect. Again, you can dust with powdered sugar and woo-lah, finished. Otherwise find a quick drying icing to use to decorate.
  5. Hershey kisses candy cane blossoms.
    Now, this last option is a little bit more time intensive as you roll each cookie in sanding sugar. But if you have the time you want to bake these. They are deliciously tasty and cute for the win!This is a mint version. These are very pretty christmasy looking cookies.  You can get your kiddos to help by unwrapping the kisses and pressing them on top.
    Or try the REGULAR peanut butter version. These are just as good if you’re not familiar with this cookie. They’re called peanut butter blossoms. One of my all time favs because I’m a nuts for peanut butter kinda gal. They are best when pulled fresh out of the oven with a glass of milk!



Hope this was inspiring and helpful!
Happy baking!