5 Reasons to Choose Premier ER and Urgent Care


premier er and urgent care

Being sick is never fun. Being sick as a mom is pure torture. Having a sick husband might be even worse.. especially since they often times are CERTAIN that sickness will cause death. And we all know having sick kids can derail any plans you had in a heartbeat. Plus, it’s just sad to watch those sweet babies hurt. So in my family, we like to have a place that we can get to quick, get in and out, and leave knowing the doctors were knowledgable and put us on the quickest road to recovery. 

Luckily, we have found that place and it is Premier ER and Urgent Care. Every person in our family has been to the Urgent Care side, and my husband has been to both sides. We have never left disappointed!

Here are the top 5 reasons to use Premier ER and Urgent Care:

  1. Friendly Staff – From the moment we walked in the door, every person we encountered was friendly, helpful, and smiling. There are few things worse than being sick and miserable and having someone greet you who is also miserable. As I said above, we’ve used this facility more times than 1, and every time this has been our experience. The front desk is efficient and friendly. The nurses listen and are polite. The doctors are knowledgable and patient. 
  2. QUICK! – If there is one thing that can put me over the edge when I’m sick or my child is sick, it’s waiting in a waiting room for hours. When I have an appointment at 11:00am, I would like to be seen close to that time. The great thing about Premier is that we have NEVER had an actual scheduled appointment, yet we have also never had to wait more than 10 minutes in the waiting room. We’ve also been seen quickly once in the exam room. We have all had those situations where we get in the exam room quick.. and then wait. Wait for an hour. With a sick, cranky kid. And wonder what is taking so long?! I can honestly say, that has never been my experience at Premier and I am so thankful!
  3. Knowledgable – I touched on this above, but Premier does not sacrifice accurate information and knowledgeable staff for efficiency. I have been to Urgent Care facilities before where I’ve left wondering what in the world I was just diagnosed with or prescribed. Or even worse, told over and over “Oh it’s just a virus.” WELL FIX THE VIRUS! (which often later, at a different facility, I get told the actual problem and given the correct medicine.) I know, I’m sure you medical professionals are hating me right now thinking I’m “that person,” and you are correct. I like to at least get a Tylenol prescription or SOMETHING to make me feel like I don’t have to continue the slow death process I am in the middle of. Premier doctors make sure that you are prescribed the right medicine, or in the event that it truly is just a virus, you are given a solid explanation and expectations. 
  4. Follow Up – Premier ER and Urgent Care honestly seem to care about how you are doing once you leave their facility. I have had multiple follow up calls days later checking on my status or my child’s status. Once my husband went to the Urgent Care side after fighting his man-flu for weeks. Upon leaving the facility, he felt like he was going to pass out, so he took off running to his truck. I really wish I could explain his logic, but I can’t. So, as you would expect, he passed out. In the parking lot. He was then admitted to the ER side because this man has just fallen out in the middle of the parking lot, banging into his truck. You might be thinking “why didn’t they make him stay after the steroid shot?!” Oh they did, and tried to longer, but my husband is a very determined man, and he was “fine.” Clearly he was not. All of this to say, we had calls from both sides within days of the episode to make sure he was recovering well and feeling better. 
  5. Price – While it depends on your insurance, Premier is often very comparable to the co-pay you would pay at the regular doctors office. And on weekend, it is worth every penny to be able to take my sick child in to see someone I trust, and not have to pay another co-pay a few days later because we received an incorrect diagnosis, or no diagnosis at all. Because Premier is both Urgent Care and ER, that means you will not be billed for an emergency visit unless it’s a true emergency! Finally, someone who does not take advantage of an already bad situation.

Over all, our family is very thankful for Premier and the services they provide. While we love our family doctor and pediatrician, it is nice to have Premier around at all hours to provide efficient and accurate treatment of whatever ailment we are dealing with!