5 Signs You’re a Type A Mom


I hate labels. I try to not take quizzes that will categorize me, because then I feel trapped in that category for the rest of my life. However, I have been/am/always will be a Type A girl. Although my personality has not changed, what I consider to be the “signs” of being Type A shifted slightly when mom was added to my resume. So how does a Type A tackle motherhood?

  1. Multitasking is your jam. Type A moms hate wasting time and feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done. For example: the first project I actually accomplished after the twins were born was a hands-free pumping bra. I used scissors and some thread to transform a sports bra, because I could not comprehend sitting still for 15+ minutes at a time and not be getting something else done as well.
  2. To do lists. They cover the margins of your planner (because you definitely have at least one of those) and are stored in your phone. They keep you sane because you feel organized and in control, but simultaneously drive you crazy because you will never be able to cross everything off. During the newborn phase, I had to add simple daily tasks to my list such as “eat breakfast” or “keep your children alive” just so I could feel like I was actually being productive amidst the mindless cycle of nursing, changing diapers, swaddling, and pumping.
  3. You never ask for help. Since Type A mom’s are usually perfectionists in one way or another, we can’t stand the thought of having someone help us and do it wrong. My twins are 10 months old and I have only let someone (rather than my husband) put them to bed twice. I have a routine that I know runs smoothly, but if I am not the one to complete the task, I worry. 
  4. You’re always on time. Even if it means starting the “let’s load up!” routine 2 hours before you actually have to leave, you’re on time to everything. I unpack and refill my diaper bag every night, keeping in mind what I have the next day. Church? Take out all the toys, but be sure to pack 2 more extra outfits. Park day? Throw a blanket in the trunk and be sure to have snacks so they won’t eat my food. This trait goes hand-in-hand with your organization skills. 
  5. “Relaxing” can be exhausting. Those to do lists I mentioned earlier? They constantly run through your head, not even taking a break for a bath or a cup of coffee. You feel slightly guilty for trying to relax, because time is money, and there is always something else to be done. Sometimes Type A’s even have insomnia, because sleeping isn’t on that to do list!

Being a Type A mom is what works for me. I have two babies, a part time job, and a husband in college, so being hyper-organized has kept our household running smoothly. However, I am always sure to make myself enjoy the little things about my wonderful life. I tell myself to sit down and read to my sons instead of alphabetizing the books in the nursery yet again. I listen to their giggles as they play peek-a-boo with each other and stop stressing out about what I’m going to cook for dinner next Tuesday. I am an ambitious perfectionist, but I also want to be sure I know how to go with the flow. After all, now I’m a mom!