A Letter To My Son


Dear Beckett,

            As I write this letter, you are taking one of your amazingly long (average 3 hours) naps. This morning was filled with tons of activities for you and your sister, and it was so fun watching you thrive in each of these activities. To be honest, the last several months have been quite a roller coaster as I have struggled to learn how to best discipline a “threenager”, respond to emotional moments, encourage your strengths, and constantly ask for forgiveness. Being a mom is hard. There is no specific manual for you. It is difficult to not be so hard on you as you are the firstborn.

            To recap, in the last nine or so months, you have been part of a move to a new city, new preschool, new friends, new routine, new church, new house, being told you will be a big brother to another sister, played on a t-ball team for the first time, and much more. You have been thrown into this craziness and have had so much confidence with each step. I have been guilty of finding all the “wrongs” and “no” moments instead of constantly reminding myself of how far you have come in a short time.

           Just in the last couple weeks, I watched you face your first true fearful moment. We enrolled you in pretty intense swim lessons with no one you knew, but being the social kid you are, I figured you would do just fine. And you did, yet the first few days, the lessons proved to be quite intimidating to you. During these few days, it tore my heart apart, but I knew I had to push you into your fear. And guess what? You came out smiling, a swimmer, and you had conquered your first true fear!

          You are not even four years old yet, and I have learned so much from you. You have such a positive outlook on your little world. Small things excite you. You are SO curious. You ask close to 500 questions a day. You remind me to slow down and see life from your perspective. You remind me to have great faith in our Heavenly Father. You made me a boy mom, and for that, I am so grateful!

        When I think about the years to come, my hopes and prayers for you are never-ending. I pray you continue to grow in confidence and zeal for life. May your love and care for others remain a constant encouragement to everyone you encounter. I pray you would bestow great leadership, always setting an example, and lifting others up. I hope and pray you continue to have great faith where others will be drawn to you because you love the Lord.

Beckett, thank you for making me a mom! I love you the “mostest toastest”.