ABC Guide for Holiday Host and Hostess Gifts


Are you searching for the perfect host or hostess gift? Not even sure where to begin? Look no further and follow these simple ABCs as a guide to help you find the perfect gift!

Affordable- You don’t have to break the bank. No really, you don’t have to! One way to do this is by buying items you find in the off season. Shop sales throughout the year and keep a collection of a few things. Home stores or specialty boutiques often have great off season sales to cash in on the best deals. Newsletter updates for craft stores and store apps to let you know when to take advantage of different clearance events and help you save time searching for sales. Find groupings, sets of items or mix and match as another way around a holiday budget. Personalizing something is another affordable route to decorate a plain serving plate or mug for someone-add seasonal flare to it and you’ll look like a professional!

Beneficial- Functionality is key when hosting; a gift that you can use toward more hosting opportunities or bring to other holiday parties to share. A memory of the holiday season or of the evening will make the gift all the more special. Ideas could be a small serving tray with a holiday design or monogram, decadent soaps or seasonal candle. When you know your guest well it can be easier to select something you know they need or will use next holiday season. Something to keep in mind: flowers or a food item for the evening may not be the best thing every time as they require rearrangement of things and can create more unintended work for your host. 

Communicate Thanks- To tie it all together, a host/-ess gift should communicate gratitude for the time taken to prepare for the event and spent throughout the evening. It’s the thought that counts, such as a holiday frame with a picture of you and your host (if you’re close friends!) or a gift of holiday treats or items needed to help your host effortlessly relax after the party. Example: gift their favorite wine, but make sure they know it’s personally for them and not necessarily the evening’s guests! After dinner or morning after baking kits of brownies, hot cocoa, scones or pancake mixes are just a few other ideas.

If you’re not sure if you should even bring a gift for your host, click here for some more help deciding! Happy holiday host gift giving!!