Meet Halee Anthony


Meet Halee Anthony

Hi friends!  My name is Halee, and I am the proud mom of four awesome kids and the happy wife of one awesome man.  

My life has turned out completely different than I planned, which would normally frustrate me because I am a planner.  However, God has blessed me so abundantly that I have no choice but to be grateful.  I was an English teacher for six years while my husband was in seminary and pastoring his first church.  In May of 2015, we celebrated our youngest daughter’s first birthday, my husband was hired as pastor at College Avenue Baptist Church in McGregor, and we found out that I was pregnant with our fourth child.  

To say the last two years have been a little crazy, would be an understatement.  Going from working mom to stay at home mom was an incredibly difficult transition for me, but I feel like I’m finally starting to figure it out.  Or maybe I’m just learning to embrace the chaos? Either way, life is great.

My husband is a Baylor grad who “bleeds green and gold.” While we were living in Arkansas, our third daughter was born.  After much discussion, I agreed to name her “Baylor” with one condition – we could NEVER move to Waco.  As if God was trying to show us His sense of humor, my husband, Chip, was called to be pastor of a church in McGregor.  So technically, we don’t live in Waco.  Well played, guys. 

As a pastor’s wife, I feel a lot of pressure to live up to an imaginary standard of perfection.  It’s maddening when those expectations spill over onto my children, so I spend a lot of my time reminding myself that raising good adults is a long process that cannot be judged by daily decisions.  You can read more about our adventures in life and ministry at

 Our oldest daughter, Brinley Belle, is eight, and she is a classic first born, bossy pants, perfectionist.  Our oldest son, Dax, is six, and he is the most precocious, intelligent, and strong willed child I’ve ever met.  Our youngest daughter, Baylor, is two, and she is an awesome big sister, a lover of tutus, and the tidiest person in our entire family.  I’m hoping her habits will rub off on the rest of us soon.  Our baby boy, Dutch, is one, and is truly the most pleasant child I’ve ever been around.  He is constantly smiling and has been easy going since day one. 

I love fresh sheets, salted caramel anything, and canceling plans.  I dream of being a minimalist, but I love a good sale at Old Navy.  I’m slowly learning how to be a runner, wife, and mother while struggling to keep house plants alive.

I am looking forward to sharing my life and stories with Waco Mom’s Blog and getting know your stories as well.

Halee Anthony