The Antique Shops You Must Visit in Waco


As a child, I lived in a very small community, and when I say small I mean less than 500 people in the town! Right across the street from my house was an antique and vintage clothing store called Bonton, and I would visit periodically when I came home from school. It was something about the feel of the hard wood floors under my feet, almost as if I had stepped back in time when I passed through those front doors. I would skim through old records and books or admire the old dolls they had displayed, but my favorite part of my visit was always going upstairs. Each time I climbed that staircase was just as exciting as the last, then as you reach the top of the you see dozen of clothes racks filled with vintage clothes, old scarfs, and shoes, it was magical. Being able to see and touch outfits that were similar to what you would see Jackie O or Lucille Ball wear. Old letterman sweaters, penny loafers, and pocketwatches, lined the walls and you could envision how these clothes where wore at their prime. I loved it there and I’am sure that is where my love for antiques has stemmed from. As I have grown older and moved closer to Waco area, I have found a few antique stores in the area I love and want to share those with y’all! 



If you are in Waco then Lavertys is a must see! Their little shop is located on 18th street close to Waco Dr. They have the a great mix of items in the store from furniture to nick knacks. Be sure to check their Facebook page as the store hours are very random but totally worth it!


Cameron Trading Company 

Located in the heart of downtown Waco, Cameron Trading Company, once a department store, has 2 stories full of antiques. From Pyrex bowls ,like ur grandmother cooked with, to old wood burning stoves. You never know what you’ll find!


Cedar Chest Antique Mall

Boasting 18,000 square feet of space. This building is filled with antiques, anything from books and furniture to old signs. They also have an outdoor market area, and right down the road is the Cedar Chest Too! They have so many items that couldn’t fit in the original store, they had to make more room!


Ross Antique Mall

Located just north of Waco right on I35 this place has a great collection of antiques, from glassware to furniture. There are also tons of items on the front porch that are certain to catch your eye!


ABC Antiques 

This cute little shop in nestled in the small town of Robinson located just a few miles south of Waco. They have an eclectic mix of things from vintage toys to antique furniture. Definitely worth the trip, however they are only open on Saturday and Sunday or appointment only. 


Whether you a local that hasn’t had time or you are visiting Waco, I highly recommend to check one or maybe a few of the shops out. It’s worth it!!! 





  1. Please don’t forget about LaSalle Shoppes. They have a lot of vendors, showrooms, and a huge variety of merchandise, like records, furniture, wrought iron garden decor, collectibles, comics, old toys, unique decor, on top of the usual antique and vintage stuff.

    Located on LaSalle, by the circle. ♡

    • I absolutely LOVE that place. It has to be the coolest (both in merchandise selection, and temperature) shop in Waco.

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