Alexandra Price

Hey y’all I’m Alex Price mommy to Marleigh and wife to Mario. I’m a work at home mama as owner of FIT4MOM Waco and certified trainer in pre and postnatal fitness. My husband and I are both Baylor grads who stayed in Waco then moved around the country only to return to plant roots and start our family and business. My passions are health and wellness, learning and behavior, helping others, eating, sleeping, and loving on my baby girl. I’m thrilled to be back in a Waco at such an exciting time and happy to be part of the WMB team!

I’m a Natural Hair Mom

Being a natural hair mom means beaming with pride at all the comments you get from strangers about your child's gorgeous mane. It means smiling politely and rolling your eyes at comments about "crazy" and...

Exercise While Pregnant: 4 Reason You Should NOT Just Continue What You Did Before

1 It's old news It's easy to quote the common advice as a seasoned mom wanting to help a new mom. If you had a baby 5,10 or even 3 years ago you may have...

We Don’t Use Shampoo

Apologies in advance, I'm about to Alex Ruins Everything for you moms  You do not need Bath & Body Whatever or (insert your favorite smelly soap, shampoo, lotion, etc)  I first started thinking about this when my...

7 Reasons Moms Need Safe Spaces

1. We like to talk about birth. Non birthing people just don't quite get it. It's hard to discuss with people who's jaws would drop at the detailed tangents this conversation can take. The sheer...

Failing at Birth

I've spent almost 2 years unpacking my feelings about my daughter's unplanned cesarean delivery and having discussions about birth and maternal health. I still have questions and uncertainty as I think about the possibility...

Ways to Jumpstart Your New Years Resolutions

Ways to Jumpstart Your New Years Resolutions At the stroke of twelve on the first of January, everyone will magically have newfound will power and motivation. Er not.  For starters, will power is a myth. As moms,...

October Breast Cancer Awareness

Don’t just be aware of breast cancer, beware.  This is the simple statement offered by my mother when I asked what advice she would give to moms about breast cancer. She’s always been my hero...

When You Eat Great & the Kids Eat Junk

When You Eat Great & the Kids Eat Junk I was once in line at HEB behind a lady checking out with a cart full of brightly colored packages featuring cartoon characters. Of course I...

Yes, I Need a Break

Yes, I Need a Break Moms Ok, real talk.  I am a stay at home mom. A work at home mom. A mom in general.  It all sounds so glamorous and fun and sometimes it can be....

Family > Football: A Father’s Day Post

​ Ever since I was five years old playing flag football for the Eastside YMCA in Fort Worth, football has been engrained in my life. My father grew up in West Texas and lived a...