Amanda Moore is livin’ the dream with her high school sweetheart husband and their seven children. She is Regional Director of Foster Village Waco, a non-profit dedicated to serving children involved in the child welfare system and their caregivers in McLennan County. Amanda loves impromptu dance parties, belly laughs, and water color. She is a firm believer in living in community, soul-deep investment in others, and finding silver linings. With her creative gypsy-spirit matched ironically to Mike’s steady,logical way their home is an off-beat chorus of logical parenting and spontaneous adventures.
Mothering Many

Mothering Many: Learning What Matters Most

Mothering many. What does that look like? I arrived at motherhood 19 years old, my life-plan wrecked, and my brain and heart in agreement that I was unworthy of the job. Still, I was determined...

Waco Families Helping Families: How You Can Support Small Businesses & Foster Care Community

We are living out a chapter of a future history book. It’s interesting to think about and helps me reframe current events. I’m a mama holding on to hope over here. And I’m sure I’m...

Taking On Aging

When I turned 33, my best gal told me it was going to be a good year because Jesus did amazing things when he was 33. Talk about setting a bar! I’ve never had...

You Do You, Mama. {World Breastfeeding Week}

It’s World Breastfeeding Week! And we are here for it! We see you mamas doing your thang’, feeding that baby literally from your body. Do you! And you know what? We also see you mamas...

The Summer of Potty Training | 5 Potty Training Tips

Summa summa summa time! While the heat can get a bit intense in our neck of the woods, I love having my big kids home from school. Those last two weeks of the school...

To My Fellow Night Owl Mamas

To My Fellow Night Owl Mamas I’m a Night Owl too. I’m writing this at 2am. It is what it is and I think, for me, it’s working (most of the time). My days are filled...

When #MomFails Inspire

When #MomFails Inspire I have flashes of my greatest #momfail moments whenever some sweet soul learns we’ve got seven kids and they call me a “Saint”, or express their (VERY kind!) admiration of me. I...
building traditions

Building Traditions

When we were first married, our holiday season looked very different than what it's like today. Nearly 13 years later, and 7 children added has meant we reevaluate how we do this busy time...

Raising Tiny Humans | What I’ve Learned With 7 Kids

Raising Tiny Humans | What I've Learned With 7 Kids “I want to be a…..when I grow up!” It changes in just about every conversation with my kids. Right now we’ve got a video game...

Waco Moms Blog is Growing | Meet Amanda Moore

Waco Moms Blog is Growing | Meet Amanda Moore Hey Mamas of Wacotown! I'm Amanda. My family and I moved to Waco in June of 2017 and we are so happy to call Waco home! My...