Christina earned her PhD in Education with an emphasis in English from Baylor University, where she currently teaches English, and the occasional Leadership course, as a Lecturer. She frequently writes, speaks, and publishes on the topics of vocational leadership, human trafficking prevention, and literature as a means to empower women. She serves as the Prevention Committee Chair for The Heart of Texas Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition. She is married to, Craig, her best friend of 15 years. Together, they have two beautiful boys ages 4 and 5.

Work + Motherhood | Can We Have It All?

Work + Motherhood | Can We Have It All? “When did being a mother stop being enough?” Her words weren’t so much an accusation as they were genuine curiosity with an air of concern. I evaded...

Waco’s Top 7 Places to Dine with Kids

Waco's Top 7 Places to Dine with Kids Last semester, a group of my Baylor students inquired before class one day about my favorite Waco restaurant. I jokingly responded that any place in town I...

Why it’s Wise to Pause Before We Post – Social Media

Why it's Wise to Pause Before We Post - Social Media I’ve been thinking a lot these days about what I post on social media and why I post it. My husband recently joined Instagram,...

What Infertility Taught Me About Family, Friendship, and Faith

I rolled away from him on the narrow examination table and curled toward the wall. The stark white sanitary paper crinkled and crunched beneath me as I pulled my knees up to my chest...

Find and Become a Mother Mentor

The summer temperatures were still in the high 90s when we met over iced coffee. In a few weeks, the fall semester would soon begin. I would teach a couple of courses I had...

Dating Your Spouse and Keeping the Connection

My husband and I married when we relatively young, 25 and 23, respectively. We were babes, by all accounts. But we sure had fire in our bellies, wanderlust in our eyes, and adventure in the...