Laura Lalani

Laura is originally from Houston, TX and graduated from Baylor with a B.A. in History. Although she never thought that Waco would be her permanent home, Laura has been surprised the blessing of living in Waco since 2009. Laura obtained her Master’s Degree in Education and has taught at both public schools as well as at McLennan Community College. Currently, she works full-time as an Academic Advisor in the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. Laura and her husband Kary have three children ages nine and under. Laura’s favorite things in life are spending time with her kids, watching movies with her husband, planning ahead in her planner, reading most anything, journaling with Jesus and drinking coffee before the sun rises. You can find her on instagram @lauralalani

Keep it Small. Keep it Simple. {Church of the Small Things Book Review}

“Sometimes the biggest things God does start out in the small, most ordinary acts of daily faithfulness.” —Melanie Shankle, “Church of the Small Things” Some weeks I limp to Friday. I live in the land of...

When You Become One in Four {“Loved Baby” Devotional Review}

It’s a club you never want to be a part of. In fact, it’s one that you never even knew existed because you didn't think it would happen to you.  I am one in four. When...

To the Parents of Incoming Baylor Freshmen

The Baylor University campus is already a buzz with anticipation. We can feel the energy and momentum building more each day. With August comes the start of a new school year and of course...

Nobody Can Jump For You

"Give and do what is necessary for the child to act for himself --Maria Montessori"   We stare each other down. She stands at the edge of the pool, and I am in the water with...

My Mom Does Direct Sales

I am a child of the modern direct sales company model. Thirty years ago, my mom made a decision to “sell a little jewelry on the side,” and it changed the direction of our...

You Can’t Make Them Eat, Sleep or Potty

Alison Frenzel Photography You hear all sort of stories as a mom. You compare notes, ask questions, read blogs or books or magazines. Everyone has an opinion or a potential solution to any problem we...

My Rainbow Baby

The four most devastating words I’ve ever heard are, “There is no heartbeat.” And just like that the floor dropped out beneath me. I didn’t cry at first. After all, I was staring at...
Artwork Waco Moms Blog

What Do I Do With All This Artwork?

  “Clutter is synonymous with delayed decisions” The artwork. The papers. The crafts. The worksheets. The drawings. You know what I’m talking about. If you have kids then the mere mention of these items either makes...
Finding a new normal Laura Lalani

Finding a New Normal

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. The woman existed before, but the mother--never. A mother is something absolutely new." -Unknown I can’t recall holding a newborn before I held my own....
Shipt Waco Moms Blog

Dear Shipt

Dear Shipt, We haven’t been together that long--just three months in fact--but now I can’t remember a week with you. I know that you aren’t perfect and come with some strings attached (including a...