13 Days, 8 People, 6 Cities, and 1 Car: A Memorable Family Road Trip

  Little Rock, AR-stayed for the night to break up the trip Memphis, TN-milk shakes on Beale St, pics with guitars around town, Gibson guitar store, Peabody Hotel to watch the ducks march, Memphis...

Advice From a Teacher

We love your kids, I promise.  I know you've seen your teacher friends share different quotes about their students being their kids. Well, it's true.  We spend 8 hours a day with your kids...
Four Kids or Not Waco Moms Blog

Taking Full Advantage of Summer BREAK

I would love to say I was one of those super organized Pinterest moms where I have the list of things my kids do before they get the WiFi password, but I'm just not....

Why I Stopped Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding was always something I had planned on doing, breast is best right?  I kept an open mind to the fact that a fed baby is better than a hungry baby as well.  Luckily...
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So Sorry for the Delay….Actual Reasons I Can’t Always Text Back Promptly

Moming 4 kids is always full of surprises.   Sorry I didn't text you back...... I was on the hunt for Kleenex, only to find my 6 year old had made herself boobies. I found my...
Four Kids or Not Waco Moms Blog

Do We Want To Have Four Kids? That Was the Question.

Let me start off with the fact that we knew when we got married we wanted to have a large family, but were going to see what it was like as each kid came...
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Where To Have A Date Night in Waco

Date nights are a necessary thing in our house.  Jake and I need time to just be the two of us.   I love to put on a little make-up and wear a cute...

A Guide to Parks & Recreation in Waco

The Waco area has a fabulous variety of parks! We are so lucky to live in a area that values outside fun as much as Waco does.     Waco is full of fun way beyond...
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Meet Lea Wolf

Meet Lea Wolf My name is Lea Wolf.  My name is pronounced like Leah, I not only never find my name on a pencil but nobody pronounces my name correctly on the initial meeting.   My...