Whitney Horner

Director of Sales for Waco Moms

Making Your Child’s Lunch Fun And Desirable Too

School lunches...moms and kids always want new ideas, moms hope for something their kids will actually eat, and something hassle free!  Here's a list of ideas as well as links to help jump start...

Why I Workout During Pregnancy

  When you're pregnant, it seems you hear it all. Whether it's your first or third pregnancy, you've probably heard "you look amazing", "wow this is your third?” or "you still have three months to go?”...

A Letter To My Son

Dear Beckett,             As I write this letter, you are taking one of your amazingly long (average 3 hours) naps. This morning was filled with tons of activities for you and your sister, and it...

Target Dollar Section: AKA Jackpot

Target is one of those stores where I have really good intentions of “sticking to my list” of things I need. I feel like I am mothering myself when I hear my mind telling...

Water Fun & Activities in Waco

Summer is here with 100-degree temperatures upon us, which means popsicles, and water activities are a must! Fortunately, Waco has plenty of access to popsicles, but more importantly, various fun water activities to cool...
Internet Detox Waco Moms Blog

Why I Love the Internet, Yet Want to Break-Up with It

Being a child of the early 80s, I’m not exactly an “old soul”, but sometimes I reminisce about various norms of my childhood; snail mail was the only form of mail, home phones had...
Being a pregnant friend waco moms blog

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: How to Be A Pregnant Friend

“I’m pregnant.” A simple statement with an overwhelming sense of meaning and emotion. One that could result in extreme or extreme fear. It could cause complete and utter thankfulness after a period of waiting or...
waco guide to indoor play waco moms blog

A Guide to Indoor Play in Waco

The warm temperatures are here to stay, Waco! However, you can’t just stay inside your house all day because both you and your kiddos will go crazy. Here are a few locations for hours...
Meet Whitney Horner Waco Moms Blog

Meet Whitney Horner

Meet Whitney Horner Hey moms! My name is Whitney, and I am excited to connect with each of you via Waco Mom's Blog!  I was born in Dallas, spent my college years+ in Austin, and...