Why I Am Content Being A Mom To My Fur Baby



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My name is Taylor and I’m a dog mom.

My husband Elliot and I have been together for over 10 years, married for almost 2, and currently reside in Studio City, California.

Shortly after we got married (And I’m talking literally the day after the ceremony) the flood gates opened. “When are you having kids?” “How many kids are you having?” “Are you going to start trying right away or wait?” Well my answer to that is this: We already have a baby. Only he has fur and likes to chase squirrels. And we are happy with just that.

Elliot and I adopted our little nugget of joy about 2 years ago. We named him Beacon, after a charming street in Boston that we lived on for a short time. We cannot believe how lucky we were to randomly decide to visit the shelter that day and find him. Beacon is well mannered, loves to cuddle, loves attention from everyone, and really doesn’t get into that much trouble. (Well, except that one time he snuck up behind me and took a lap of my whiskey… he quickly recoiled in disgust and we knew he would never do that again! Ha!) He has full rein of our large 2-bedrooom apartment when we are at work. And on the very few occasions he has had an accident, he somehow knows to do it in one of the bathrooms. Can’t even be mad at that when it happens so seldom.

Beacon travels with us as often as possible. He is great on road trips, and even on airplanes, as he is small enough to fit in a bag at our feet in the main cabin. He has been all up and down the California Coast from San Francisco to San Diego, to Mammoth Mountain and Yosemite National Park, and even to Texas and Colorado many times. He loves adventures!

We know that a dog is not equal to an actual child. We love kids very much and enjoy being around them, but we just don’t know that we want our own, at least not now, or the foreseeable future. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for all of the moms out there. We know the hard work and dedication it takes to raise children. I am the oldest of 4 after all and my mother bent over backwards to raise us in a great environment. We see the amazing bond between our friends and their kids and spouses and how happy they are.

But for us, Beacon is enough, and we are very happy as a family of three.

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