I Came to Waco Kicking and Screaming….But Now….It’s HOME.


In March 2016, my husband and I were finally going to find out where we would be placed for his medical residency. “Match Day” is the day each year that fourth  year medical students all around the country find out what city and state they will be living in for the next phase of their professional training. As we opened the envelope, my anxiety and nerves were at an all-time high.  Standing in a room full of our friends with news cameras in our faces, we boldly opened the envelope that had our future within. “Waco Family Medicine Program in Waco, Texas.” Tears poured down my face.

I knew this was a high possibility; however, I had my introvert heart set on staying in our hometown. Our family was there, our friends, my job, and our life. Though I knew it was professionally the best option for my husband’s career, I was overly dramatic and drug my feet all the way to our new home.

I soon realized what a hidden secret Waco truly is. To some big cities in Texas, Waco has often had the reputation of being a small town without anything to do. Well I’m here to tell you that my family and I have had more fun, experienced more adventures and been welcomed by more people than ever imaginable.

The slower pace of the community makes it an incredibly easy place to make friends. People stop, talk, and truly get to know you on a daily basis. This is something I was not used to being around. We were greeted with long talks outside with neighbors, big group meals and deep discussions. It was and still is a breath of fresh air!  

Secondly, if you’re a fellow foodie like me, moving from a large metropolitan area to a smaller city, I feared my taste buds would not be happy. Boy was I wrong again. From big chains, to Waco favorites all the way to hidden mom and pop restaurants, our wonderful town has fantastic food that keeps me coming back for more.

Finally, this city has an unbelievable outdoor selection of fun. I absolutely cannot believe how many things there are available around Waco one can do to enjoy nature. Your family can spend their time on the lake hanging out on a boat, doing yoga on paddle boards in the river, exploring Cameron Park’s hiking and biking trails, or visiting the wonderful water parks and splash pads around the city. The fun is endless.

I’ve only just touched on the secret gem this city is.

What are your favorite parts of our sweet town?

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