Cheap and Easy Christmas Classroom Party Ideas


Whether you are head room mom or a parent that helps out with classroom parties, you know that planning a classroom party can be stressful and expensive. We want our kiddos to have the best class parties but not make our hair fall out in the meantime. So I have some classroom party ideas that will save your wallet and your hair.

Every year since my children were in Kindergarten, I have helped with EVERY classroom party. In my experience every Christmas party starts with snacks, then craft and lastly some kind of game for the kids.


Make it simple, don’t kill yourself making fancy treats. Kids are not that observant. They will not pay any attention to how fancy it is, as long as it is edible.

*Pigs in a Blanket*

Get some refrigerated crescents and some little sausages. Wrap the crescents around the sausages, bake until golden brown and put on a tray.


Get some grapes, strawberries, apples, blueberries and any other fruit you like, chop and put on a tray. If you want to get fancy so the other moms will say “awe”, you can shape the fruit into a Christmas tree.


Kids love DONUTS. You can either pick some up on the way, hey don’t judge, kids LOVE donuts. Or if you want the respect of the other mothers, because like I said kids do not care, you can buy some powdered donuts and make them into little snowmen.


*Fingerprint Ornament*

I love it when my kids make personal ornaments to put on the tree each year.  All you need is clear ball ornaments, finger paint and a sharpie. Let the kids put their fingerprints all over the ornament and parents can help with writing names.

*Snowman Ornament*

These are so adorable! All you need is battery operated tea light candles, pipe cleaners, fuzzy craft balls, hot glue and sharpies. Most of the items are at the Dollar Tree for a dollar, so that saves money. Make sure you have a parent in charge of hot glue, so little fingers do not get burned.

*Reindeer food*

My kids always love sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn on Christmas eve, so the reindeers have a treat. All you need is Ziploc baggies, oatmeal and glitter, so the reindeers can see the sparkles. If you want the kids to add more to their bags you can buy some google eyes, pipe cleaners, and fuzzy craft balls so they make their own reindeer on the bag.


The Dollar Tree also has a wide selection of Christmas novelties that you can purchase for prizes, such as pencils and erasers.

*Do you want to build and Snowman?*

This looks like so much fun! Get some toilet paper and separate the class into groups and see which group builds their snowman first.

*Snowball Toss*

For this you need a bucket and either marshmallows or cotton balls. I have found that cotton balls do not throw very good so I would go with marshmallows. Separate the class into teams and see which team can fill their bucket first, or see which team makes the most into their buckets.

*Christmas Bingo*

Bingo is always a great game to play with a class. Just make sure to have enough little prizes because you will want each kid to get a chance at winning.

~A Little Extra~

If you want to do a little extra for your classroom Christmas party, here are some great ideas for you.

*Rudolph Water Bottles*

You have to have drinks for the party so why not add some pipe cleaner antlers, red nose and some google eyes. So cute!



*Rudolph Brownie*

If you want the class to take home a treat, buy some packaged brownies and decorate the package to look the like Rudolph.

Those are my Christmas Classroom party ideas, I hope some of these ideas make it to your class party this year.

Remember to ask other parents for help. Make a sign up genie so that parents can sign up to either bring something or send something to the school for the party.

Do not try to do everything yourself, or you might not have any hair left after Christmas.