A Christmas Lesson Learned- Patience Is A Blessing


A Christmas Lesson Learned-Patience Is A VirtuePatience is a virtue, yes, but not always practiced. I was lucky to have the gift of patience yesterday and because of this opportunity, I learned a valuable lesson I would like to pass on to you.

Mary Ellen Chase said, “Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind.”

How true is this?

As we shop online, wait in lines, hustle and bustle, stress ourselves out and anxiously try to find just the right gift for everyone on our ever-growing list, let us remember the best gift is kindness.

Lessons come in odd places, like at Target checkout lines in December.

Yesterday, while at Target, I stood in line, waiting over five minutes behind a lady having trouble with her card. I was reminded of a similar moment last year. Luckily today, as well as last year, I choose kindness.

The same lesson landed in my lap, last year. Is God trying to teach me something?

The lesson learned

As I approached the crowded checkout lanes, new lanes opened. This made me happy. Because as always, I was wandering around Target for over an hour and my feet were hurting bad.

I happily changed into a new lane and realized instantly a cashier was already checking an elderly woman out. I started unloading my cart and by the time I finished, (this took a bit because I always over-purchase at Target!), I saw the cashier was helping the lady with her Cartwheel app. She was going through all her items, scanning them into the lady’s phone.

My first thought was to look around and judge where I would have been had I not switched checkout lanes. (Feet were hurting more.) The cashier looked up at me, smiled and apologized.

I said, “Oh, no problem,” as I returned the smile. (Feet are pounding more.)

Ten minutes later, (and no, I’m not exaggerating), the lady took out her wallet and paid. The cashier then called, over the intercom, for someone to accompany the lady to her car with her purchases.

I had two choices. One-get angry. Two-be patient.

Luckily, I chose the latter.

A Christmas Lesson Learned- Patience Is A Blessing

You see, the lady was a four-foot-something, sugar-sweet, elderly women (I’m assuming in her late 80’s). Both apologized at least twice, smiled, and were both so sweet. The cashier went out of her way to help the older lady with the app, saving her money, and finding her help to her car.

Patience and kindness.

The employee was so kind to her, so patient with her. How could I have been anything but understanding? I thought of my grandmother who passed away in 2010. I also thought of my mother and mother-n-law. I hope someone would be this kind to them. And I could only hope the person waiting behind them would be patient and kind, also.

Not only did this make me feel good, when I looked back on it, the cashier and the elderly women appreciated it, as well.

I learned a lesson in patience and I am so thankful for that opportunity. We all need to be more patient, more kind, more loving to one another.

Darling, let’s be different. Let’s be better.

Getting mad at silly situations only stresses YOU out. Don’t let it happen this Christmas season. Or ever.

Choose kindness every time.

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