Cute & Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor


The holidays are vastly approaching, but before we get that Christmas tree decorated lets talk TURKEY!

Holidays can be STRESSFUL! Family coming from out of town and cooking all that delicious food, who has time to worry about decorations?? Well I have a few DIY Thanksgiving decorating ideas that will take the worry out of decorating and let you enjoy what is really important, FAMILY.

1. Apples and Candles


The great thing about Thanksgiving is you can use organic items that really add a festive touch to your dinner table.

For this all you need is apples and a candle that is small enough to fit into the apple once you core it out. Wow! Simple right?? Just set those apples on a beautiful cake stand or even some thinly sliced wood and light the candles and you have added a festive ambiance to your Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Fill a Vase

Again, there is so much you can do with organic items such as corn kernels, cranberries, colored beans and leaves.

The dollar tree has a pretty wide selection of clear vases of different shapes and sizes. They also have different sizes and colors of candles to play with.

For this DIY all you have you have to do is literally pick a clear vase, choose a festive candle, put your candle into the vase and fill with whatever Fall-ish item you like.

For me personally I love the look of layering. I love getting the different bean colors and layering them between the corn kernels to add a special Thanksgiving look.

3. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are great for adding that Fall look to your Thanksgiving dinner table. And hey you might have some left from Halloween.

The small pumpkins are great for painting. You can paint them whatever color you like and add a candle to the center. I love Gold in the Fall, so I would paint my pumpkin gold with a white candle to add that extra fall punch to my dinner table.

If you have bigger pumpkins there is so much you do with them as well. You can paint them, glitter them, and even put some Fall fabric on them. Add some leaves or some Autumn colored flowers  and you have a divine centerpiece for your family to enjoy.

4. Just Add Leaves

Fall leaves are so beautiful and add such a natural ambience. The beautiful colors add a little something extra to any Thanksgiving table.

For this simple DIY all  you need is a vase, leaves, some glue and a floating candle. It is so simple and adds so much beauty to you fabulous dinner table.

Just glue your leaves to a vase of whatever size you choose. Add some water and a floating candle inside your vase, light the candle and your DONE! You can always sprinkle some extra leaves around your centerpieces to add that little extra color to have your guest in awe of your Thanksgiving table.

I hope these DIY Thanksgiving Décor ideas make it to your table this year.

I will not be hosting but I will be decorating for a Girl Scouts Thanksgiving Dinner, so I know that I am super excited to try out some of these awesome ideas.


Just remember the reason for the season. Enjoy all the family time, make memories, count your blessings and leave the stress for another day.