Where To Have A Date Night in Waco


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Date nights are a necessary thing in our house.  Jake and I need time to just be the two of us.   I love to put on a little make-up and wear a cute dress just for my husband.  Jake and I are big fans of kissing in front of the kids to make them gag as well.  

One of my favorite date nights is going to a concert.  I love country music and it’s playing constantly at my house.  I frequent the Extraco Events Center and The Backyard.  Both places have a fun selection of music, but have a different environments.  

The Extraco Event Center has tons of different events: concerts, horse shows, monster trucks, motor cross, Disney on Ice, and the list goes on and on.  The concerts are stadium seating or outside standing room.  A favorite date night for us is Margarita Salsa Festival.

The Backyard has concerts, but it’s also a restaurant and a bar.  It’s a fun outdoor atmosphere with standing room or picnic tables.  They have fun yard games like a huge beer pong, corn hole, and pool.  

The only problem with concerts is they don’t allow for lots of conversation.  They are good for just getting cozy and singing along.  To balance it out we do other things that allow us to actually talk to each other without interruption.  

135 Prime– We had dinner here for our last anniversary.  The thing we loved about it, was that we sat for 2.5 hours and never felt like we were being rushed out the door.   The service was fabulous, our food was great, and we finished a bottle of wine together in peace.  The dinner was expensive, but we felt it was well worth it for the special dinner.   

Downtown has tons of possibilities, dinner, desserts, and fun drinks….oh my.  Food trucks are floating all over the place ready to cook you foods from all over the globe.  Many of them have Instagram or Facebook accounts so you can easily find out where they are for the night.  After you find your food destination you can walk around the suspension bridge, which is where I got engaged so I’m slightly partial.  

Cricket’s This place has shuffleboard.  I’m not generally a competitive person, until it comes to beating my husband.  Once we start our game, it is ON!  It helps that Cricket’s has a large beer selection, too.  

Slippery Minnow  This is located right on Lake Waco!  Great place for a fun sunset meal.  It’s super casual with a fun atmosphere.  They have live music sometimes too.   

Paint with a Twist If you haven’t tried it out, it’s FUN, and not as complicated as you would think.  They have fun couple paintings, you both get your own canvas that make one picture when you put them next to each other.  We did this and it was a fun night of competitive painting.  We are now the proud owners of an autumn tree with our initials carved in the trunk, JW+ LW.  

Pints in the Park This is a fun and it’s coming up in May!  It’s held at Brazos Park East.  My husband and I have been the last few years.  Your ticket gets you a little tasting glass with a punch card.  Breweries come in with their beer and you get to taste whatever your heart desires, or until you run out of punches on your card.  They had a lot of different BBQ places for you to try , not included with the ticket  

Kings Landing-Butter my Biscuit– This is a fellow teacher of mine’s favorite place for him and his wife!  This would be a fun brunch date.  The menu looks fabulous and the loaded Bloody Mary’s look AMAZING.  This is in the back of Kings Landing so you can hang out and play games of all types together.  

BSR They have a Lazy River.  This is a place I plan to try out with the hubs this summer!  Floating around without a care in the world, just me, Jake, and the floating cooler.  It’s also close enough to that I get to go home to my own bed as I’ve pretend all day I’m in my younger years floating down a river.  

What is your favorite date night spot?