“Fall” in love with Waco!


When I moved to Waco in the Winter of 2008, I knew I was home. It has been almost 10 years, and as each day passes I fall more in love with this city, the people, and all Waco represents.

It took me a while to discover what I loved most about this city, but, once I knew, it became the first thing I always tell people when they want to know what Waco is like. I tell them Waco is a great community. I then tell them it is a great place to shop, to visit, to learn, and to live. Let me explain.

Waco is a great community

Above all other things Waco is philanthropic. This is a city filled with givers – people who have chosen since the foundation of the city to give sacrificially and intentionally to grow this community. Their giving has brought about excellent educational opportunities, made room for entrepreneurs, enhanced the safety and developed the skills of the transient population, and created a contagious spirit of community. There are few, if any, needs in this city which go unmet. There is likely some church group, non-profit organization, business or person meeting the need and serving as an advocate.

Waco is a great place to shop

Almost every street downtown has multiple places for people to shop. The same is true surrounding Baylor, and, if there is something I need, I can usually find it locally sourced. Waco shops locally, and I love that about this city. We have places making adorable, soft t-shirts, beautiful jewelry, delicious chocolates, flavorful coffee, and outstanding beer and spirits. In addition to all the kitchey shops which have basically everything, there is also Target, HEB and Wal-Mart. Each of these stores allows for online shopping, and both HEB and Wal-Mart even provide curbside pick-up services. The prices are reasonable, and these stores (local and big-box stores alike) all do their best to take great care of their customers. That is just the Waco way. We have shopping centers all over the city featuring pet stores, retail clothing stores, and restaurants as well as businesses which have stores in multiple locations across the city in order to meet the needs of the people of Waco. Shopping in Waco is easy, and this makes living in Waco and visiting here fantastic.

Waco is a great place to visit

Tourism in Waco is reaching new heights with almost 2 million visitors coming to town each year. This is incredible for the continual growth of the city and makes room for amazing new businesses to thrive. This also means that meeting people who are not from Waco is incredibly easy. Visiting any of the local attractions, starting a conversation with someone from another city, out of state, or even from another country happens all the time. Events are being hosted across this city constantly. There is always something happening, something drawing new folks to Waco. “Silobration” is just ending. Families love the zoo and Cameron Park. Baylor sporting events take place daily, and the Hippodrome is always playing the latest movie. There are also so many interesting places to visit filled with learning experiences.  The community here is so supportive and friendly making it a great place for anyone to visit. Visitors are such an important part of what makes Waco amazing.

Waco is a great place to learn

Whether a local or a visitor, the learning opportunities seem endless. Waco is home to educational institutions including Baylor University, Cameron Park Zoo, McLennan Community College, The Waco Mammoth National Monument, and Texas State Technical College. Students travel from all 50 states to attend these institutes of higher learning and training. Waco has created an atmosphere of learning by continuing to support local museums and by hosting conventions of all types. The Mayborn Museum always has an exhibit which is family-friendly and interesting to children of all ages. In addition to the Mayborn, locals and visitors can enjoy the Texas Rangers Museum, Mammoth Site, Dr. Pepper Museum and Homestead Heritage.

Waco is a great place to live

No matter where you live in Waco, you can get almost anywhere within 15 minutes. Waco is a safe place to live. The relationship between local law enforcement and the community has been exceptional and something which makes me incredibly grateful. This is a welcoming city. There are churches for almost every denomination, restaurants to meet almost any craving, shopping to meet almost any need, and help available to anyone who needs it. This city has a big heart, and it has certainly captured mine. It has been a joy to raise my family here and to participate in the amazing things this city has to offer.

Waco is Just Right

So, considering it is fall, let me just say I hope you enjoy the weather because this time of year Waco is not too hot or too cold. As always, Waco is just right!

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Kim “Millie” Millington is a wife, mom and entrepreneur. She is a certified life coach and operates Coach Millie’s Family Life Coaching in Waco, Texas. Her husband, James, is an instructor at TSTC. Her son is heading to the Air Force and her daughter is a senior at Rapoport Academy. She moved to Waco in 2008 to attend Truett Seminary at Baylor. She is also a graduate of Dallas Baptist University. Kim is often found at the Olive Branch Cafe having some bakery blend coffee. She enjoys spending her time helping families get organized and holistically healthy.