Favorite Fall Crock Pot Dinners You Must Try


My kids aren’t too picky, but they of course don’t all like the same food, huff and sigh. This always makes dinner time super stressful for me. I just try and make sure there is something on the menu they will eat, even if it’s not the main dish.  When fall comes around I start thinking about the warm,  stick to your gut, comfort foods that we love.  Here are my go to Crock Pot meals for the fall. 

  • Carnitas are a HUGE family favorite.  At my house it’s referred to as pig-butt. I renamed it to entice my boys to try it out. Who knows if they liked it at first because of the name or because they actually like it. Don’t know, don’t care either.  Everybody eats it, and I love it too.  It’s like a spicy roast wrapped in a tortilla.  They only thing I add to this recipe is a small can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.    I think it just adds  little kick without being too spicy for the kids.  We serve it nacho and taco style. 
  • Chicken and Rice is a nice warm comfort food dish that gets eaten at our house.  My kids like it with a cream of chicken and cream of celery mixture.  
  • Sausage and Potatoes I tried a week ago and I’ll be adding it to menu more.  It’s not quite a soup consistency, which my kids wouldn’t eat, but the potatoes get just soft and creamy to make me dream it’s soup.   I literally ran home and made it during my lunch, and it was ready by dinner.  I used cream of celery, because it’s what I had and it came out great.  Some of my kids ate just sausage, and others ate just potatoes.  I’m good with that, mostly because I didn’t have to do anything extra to accommodate a picky eater.  I was impressed by how easy and yummy this was.  
  •  Chicken and Stuffing is along the same lines as chicken and rice, but the kids love this too.   The kids always start talking about the holidays when we eat this.  Who says you only eat stuffing at holidays.  
  • Cheeseburger soup is about the only soup that my picky kids will tolerate.   I LOVE soup, but my kids like to think of it as a dip for their chips.  Also, my time line is usually different than the recipe calls for and it turns out great. 

This isn’t necessarily something for fall, but I thought I would share.  Breakfast Casserole is super easy and all my kids like it.   I usually use sausage, but you can change it up and use chopped up bacon or ham as well.  I personally don’t like onions so I don’t use them, and I only put veggies on half.  I also probably use a lot more cheese than the recipe calls for, but live by the philosophy of the cheesier the better.  

Please share your favorite fall Crock Pot dinners so I can add new favorite things to our menu.