Gifts that Dads {Really} Want for Father’s Day




Does anyone else struggle to shop for their husband? I hope that I am not alone in this. He is my best friend but I still have my doubts when shopping for him. Will he really like it? Would he actually want this? Will he use it?

I decided that this Father’s Day, I am making my husband spell it out for me in detail. Here is the insight he provided me, broken down by general price ranges so that you’re sure to find something budget friendly to show appreciation to your man this year.

$ ($30 or less)

  • Create a photo collage of recent family pictures and frame it
  • A nice drinking cup such as a stainless steel Yeti tumbler
  • One of his favorite movies on DVD or Blue-ray
  • An iTunes gift card 

$$ ($100 or less)

  • A gift card to his favorite store. My husband likes to buy outdoor gear so he would prefer a gift card to, Cabelas, or Bass Pro Shop.
  • A massage gift certificate. This one probably won’t apply to everyone but you know your Boo. Send him to a place where he can relax!
  • A gift card to a favorite restaurant
  • A day pass to play golf or go to the shooting range

$$$ (over $100)

If you’re feeling stuck, hopefully there is something here for you.

What would you add to this list?