Instagram was my Therapy (Thank You, Fellow Twin Moms)


In 2013, I was admitted to the hospital at 22 weeks and 6 days pregnant for fear of immediate labor. My cervix was funneling and Baby A’s amniotic sac was bulging. This meant it was extremely susceptible to infection, which would cause labor even if my cervix was holding on.

Because I was so early in the pregnancy, the neonatologist would not even come talk to me until I made it 24 hours to the 23-week mark. That was a long night, but things had not truly set in for me yet.  The next day, the neonatologist went from head to toe explaining all of the disability risks our girls would face at this stage, if they survived.

Christmas at the hospital

I was able to work from my hospital bed for four hours a day to take my mind elsewhere.  But, I needed hope.  I prayed, a lot.  I was fortunate to have friends and family who were in constant contact with an outpouring of love.  One of my husband’s cousins told me to look up this blog of a twin mom.  She was hope.  I read her blog, and started following her on Instagram.  She was connected with many other twin moms, and suddenly, I had a support group.  I connected with hundreds of other twin moms, many with similar stories.  I felt comforted to see so many other women who struggled and succeeded.  Even if it was just a quick scroll through their visual feed, it was therapeutic.


At 29 weeks, my beautiful girls were born, each weighing in at 3 lbs 1 oz.  The twin moms of Instagram continued to be a support group and daily dose of inspiration.  In between feedings at the NICU, I could curl up in the recliner next to the sunny window and visit other women, virtually, who had made this journey before me. 



Amazingly, my girls are now 3 years old with no lasting complications.  

photo by @copperandpearl (also a twin mom)

I hope someone else finds hope in my story someday.  And if you’re at a place needing support, whether its bed rest, twin risks, adoption, or figuring out how to handle your sanity two years later, here are some Instagram twin moms to follow and hashtags to find others: