Join the Waco Moms Blog Neighborhood Groups


Our primary goal in creating Waco Moms Blog is to connect moms online, as well as offline through playdates and our events. We know that being a mom is the most rewarding job we can do, but it’s also the hardest. We all need some support now and then from others who know just what we are going through! We’ve loved doing this through our larger events, but this year we are also looking to incorporate some more intimate ways for moms to connect with one another.

We’ve created Neighborhood Groups that will help you all facilitate playdates, mommy meet ups, learn more about your specific neighborhood or simply post a question to a group of moms. Whether you’re a new mom, new to the city, or just want to meet new friends, these groups will be the perfect way to connect with moms in your area.

We’re just starting this program, so please let us know if your area isn’t close to the listed groups so we can get your area covered. Just click on your neighborhood and ask to join one of the seven groups!


We hope this will be an opportunity for you and your kids to make some new friends and connections in our community! In order to stay up-to-date on ALL the connection opportunities Waco Moms Blog offers, make sure to subscribe to receive our blog posts by email, “like” our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter (@WacoMomsBlog), Instagram (@WacoMomsBlog), and Pinterest!

We look forward to hearing from you!!