Keeping Family First While Chasing Your Dreams


I’ve written parts of this post in my head for a few weeks now but I’ve had a hard time getting it together.  The truth is I am chasing my dreams. I have always wanted to have a shop and I now have three! At the moment, I am caught up right in the middle of my fantasy.

Another truth is, I almost gave up my shop when I was expecting our baby.  I also dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom and was scared that I would no longer have the time and finances to devote to my shop.  I was scared that I would not be able to do it all and did not want to burden my family.  Thankfully, my husband did not let me let my dream go.  I would be a stay-at-home mom and keep my shop.  We would make it work!

And now to the most important truth, my family is my number one priority.  I mean, if it wasn’t for them, the dreamy stuff wouldn’t matter.  They are the reason I want to succeed. 

So how do you chase your dreams and put your family first?  Honestly, I don’t know or think there is a clear-cut answer.  Some days are more on the dreamy side while others are outright tiring from all that chasing….dreams and a little one.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance.  Know that it is impossible to put your family and your dream on the top of your list every second of every day.  Your family needs you.  They need you to be present but they also need you to be happy and fulfilled.  And though it won’t always look as pretty as a posy, it’s possible to chase those dreams and still keep family as your most important treasure.

I hope this post encourages the moms out there (and anyone else who reads this kind of stuff).  Maybe you’re considering taking a leap in the direction of your dream or maybe you’ve put your dream on hold but it’s time to get back to it.  Whatever the case, here are a few tidbits.

Baby steps are better than standing still- Different seasons of life are busier than others.  It’s ok, if you aren’t making huge strides on reaching your goals.  Some days you might mark off a huge accomplishment, such as launching your website and another day you might thread your needle for your next project.  It’s ok!  Your toddler will surprise you and take a long nap the next day (or eventually move off to college) and you’ll finish that project.

It’s not always going to be easy-many times it won’t be.  But it will be worth it!

Sometimes you’ll feel guilty-Listen to your heart.  It’s ok to put your dream chasing on hold.  You may need to step away and take some time to focus on your family.  Enjoy that time with them and know you’ll be that much more energized when you get back to it and may even have a new perspective and better direction.  And I guarantee you won’t regret the break you took to focus on your family.


Include your family-This one is my favorite.  Kids love to help and have a job.  Yes, it might will take longer and yes, it might will be messier, but it will be worth it.  They will learn so much. Including your significant other can bring you closer. (I am so blessed my husband is now living in my dream world and we are chasing this dream together with our little one right by our sides.)  The cute photos you’ll get are always an extra bonus.

Don’t worry if people think you’re looney and off your rocker-There will be those people who will never understand.  And at the same time, there will be those people who support you every step of the way.  Surround yourself with good people.

Be intentional with your time-there are only so many hours in the day.  Make them count.  Oh, how I envy the dream chasers of yesteryear that did not have the countless distractions of today.  Am I the only one who feels overwhelmingly distracted?!  My theory on this one, if you’re going to be distracted, at least make it inspiring, uplifting distractions.

Take Breaks-When your dream is your work, this is especially important.  Family time away from the business is crucial and rejuvenating.  I find it is also motivating to help you work as a team and complete the tasks at hand when you have a fun day on the calendar.

 Pray-It’s hard to be patient and it’s hard to not know what the future holds.  His plan has always been way better than anything I have dreamed. I always tell people and truly believe that God has the perfectly imperfect (because every path has a few bumps in the road) path for you.  Trusting in that has always helped me in times of uncertainty.

Know it’s going to be crazy-Chasing your dreams and raising a family isn’t going to be a cake walk, but it will be worth it and speaking of cake, don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments.  Your kids (and husband) will definitely know they are most important if you feed them cake!

You’ve got this!  Let your family see firsthand, be a real life example, of how to follow your dreams.  Give them a true gift!


  1. Angel, this is all so true. You are a very bright young woman and you have worked very hard with your family and then a husband and your daughter. You are blessed.
    You and Jason make a fine team so keep up the good work.

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