You Know You’re A Boy Mom If…



You Might Be A Boy Mom If…


*You find yourself shaking your head just wondering “huh?”

*You say “stop touching that” multiple times a day

*Your laundry smells like the bathroom, the backyard, and the gym all rolled into its own special fragrance

*You find yourself repeating. the. same. thing. over. and over. and over.

*You see your husband in ways you never saw before until his mini-me came along

*You tell your son to smell your stinky pits because you both think it’s hilarious

*You’re daily saying “just look again; I promise you it’s there”

*You find wet underwear and swimsuits bunched up on the bathroom counter

*You’re constantly asking what that smell is

*You laugh at poop jokes

*You’re scared to check the pockets before laundry because you might find rocks, bird heads, duck feet…

*You say, “Yup. That’s your penis. Yes, that’s your brother’s penis. No, mommy doesn’t have a penis.”

*You have to explain where NOT to pee

*you think you’re about to get a sweet hug, but you get tackled instead


Are You A “Boy Mom”?