Leaf Collecting Crafts this Fall


Every year about this time we start our leaf collection. It happens naturally without being planned.  When the leaves start to turn and fall, we can’t help ourselves. We hunt, gather and usually bag a large collection of our prettiest finds.  While we do thoroughly enjoy this part, I always feel a tad guilty for just leaving all those leaves stashed in a plastic bag.  Yes, I realize this is ridiculous.  They are just leaves…  Yes, I am one of those people who try to find a use for everything.  And mulch would be way too simple.

After creating one masterpiece with our leaves last year and having so much fun doing it, I decided we would craft more with our leaves this year.  I should also mention the art looks much more attractive than the bag of leaves thrown in the corner.  

Last year’s project followed a kayaking trip down the river.  The river was at the perfect water level to walk along and collect the different colors and shapes of leaves.  At home, I happened to have a canvas in my stash of art supplies and wanted to make something to decorate our mantel for fall.  My daughter and I each painted our hand and forearm with brown paint.  This was a bit of a mess but totally worth the extra meaning behind our masterpiece.  After pressing our painted arms down on the canvas for the tree trunks, we arranged the leaves to resemble trees and glued them in place.  We were both so thrilled with the outcome and have it on display again this year.

And since crafting is so much fun, and we think it’s always a good idea to have more fun, here is a peek at our leaf projects from this year.


Fall Leaf Prints
Leaf and Clothespin Fairy
Leaf and Clothespin Butterfly
Q-Tip Tree
Leaf Wreath-using a paper plate with the center cut out makes this a simple project for kids of all ages.

We highly suggest you join in the fun that leaf collecting and/or leaf crafting have to offer.  I would also love to hear about any of your leaf projects in the comments.  I am certain another bag of lovely leaves will end up in the corner soon.