A Letter to my Daughter on Her First Day of Kindergarten


Dear Lily,


Today is the day

You go your own way

So determined yet so small

Today is the day kindergarten calls

Everyone warned me that this day would get here in the blink of an eye

The days of diapers, lullabies, and baby food are long gone by

School supplies bought, your backpack is packed

As I wake you for the big day, the tears I’ll hold back

Truly I’m happy and excited, but I’ll miss my little friend

Oh how I look forward to seeing you at the school day’s end

I will be here waiting to hear how your first day went

And each day after that to hear how every hour was spent

I look forward to stories about learning fun, new things

Interesting experiences and life lessons, you spreading your wings

ABCS, numbers, rhyming and new songs

About new friends, sharing and getting along

The library, recess, P.E., field trips, and lunch time

So many opportunities in which you will shine

I’ll also be here for you when life throws you a bad day

Whether someone pushed you, left you out, or you didn’t get your way

I’ll try to find the right words to comfort and make you stronger and more kind

Teach you about forgiveness, compassion, and the best ways to get out of your bind

Listen to your teacher, have good manners, raise your hand

Pay attention, show respect, and for that which is right always stand

Never forget your mom is and will always be your number one fan

I’m proud of you, on your side forever and will do all that I can

On to kindergarten, I can’t believe the time is already here

Though there are lots of emotions, I’ll focus on those full of cheer

This is our next chapter and for the new experiences with you I can’t wait

Go out there and show them little one, be brave and be great!