A Letter to My Wild Child


Dear Wild Child,

Seriously child will you just stop…..but really please don’t.  You love life in the most amazing ways.  I love how you love life. The way you live life is a great reminder that life is what you make it.  You live life constantly making it your own,  blazing your own paths, literally.  It’s amazing, and exhausting, all at the same time to be your mother. 

One of my favorite things is the way you answer everything with a question, honestly.  I can’t say I’m always in the mood for it, but I love that you treat everything as a negotiation.   In my heart I know you are simply trying to figure out how everything works and make it your own.  I know I squash your spirit sometimes when I want you to follow a simple instruction, as told, without question.  I see it all over your little face when I ask “what do I want your answer to be.”  For that I’m sorry.  As you comply, I hope your gears are turning and figuring out an infinite amount of ways to do the task I’ve asked of you.  I pray you test out those different ways at some point as well, just maybe not all at the same time.  

You have an endless curiosity that pushes us to know more about everything, and the fact that you want share this love with the whole family makes my heart just burst with happiness.  You truly want to know more about how the entire world works by getting your hands into EVERYTHING.  I wish you weren’t as curious about what the tops of trees looked like, but at least you bring down the leave so you and your siblings can compare what the leaves at the top look like vs the leaves at the bottom. 

I don’t always think you need to walk through each door way like you’re on ninja warrior, or think we have time for that, but I’m glad you have goals for your skills.  

Thank you for reminding me how to roll with the punches because there is always another way to do something.  If you can see defeat on my face you are quick to say “We can do it this way mom, just listen!”  Most of the time your ideas are something like building a giant robot Lego hand that hooks to google so it will fix the broken garbage disposal, but watching your face light up while you are telling me this idea makes my heart so happy.  

I don’t always appreciate it when you tell me “just a min” when it’s time to go anywhere, because you’ve been busy building something out of the thousands of Legos all over your floor.   I’m beginning to think you love my voice so much, you want to hear it so many extra times.   

You seriously made me think about getting the monkey backpack leash.  You tested my limits enough, and I’m not sure why I never got one for you.  I usually carried you out kicking and screaming.  

Being your mom is like a mother bull trying to walk her baby bull through the china shop.  You’ve been blazing your own paths, that’s plural for a reason, your entire life. In fact when I was pregnant with you, the Dr had to threaten you with an eviction notice for you to decide to enter the world.  The Dr said I had to be at the hospital the next day at 7 A.M. and you decided to come along at about 4 A.M..  

Most of all, thank you for knowing that 100% of the time I love you.  It doesn’t matter how tall that tree was you just jumped out of, what door way you’re scaling, how you’re attempting to negotiate through chores, or how long it’s taking you to get in the car, I love you in all your WILD glory.