Making Your Child’s Lunch Fun And Desirable Too


School lunches…moms and kids always want new ideas, moms hope for something their kids will actually eat, and something hassle free!  Here’s a list of ideas as well as links to help jump start your kid’s lunch for the school year!

Change Up Their Container 

Bentgo has created lunch boxes for kids of various ages.  Their Bentgo Kids line offers different colors of lunch boxes with compartments to allow for more fun while your kids eat their lunch.  Bentgo also offers accessories which include stackable containers with silverware for older kids.  Most all of their products are dishwasher safe too!

Yumbox is another great company that offers containers of all sizes.  From 3-6 compartments, you can choose the size which bests suites your child.  The trays of containers have different illustrations to brighten your kid’s lunch box!  And you can mix and match the trays with the exterior containers. Yumbox is also dishwasher safe!

Change Up The Appearance of Food

There is always something your kids refuse to eat in their lunch or they simply ask for the EXACT SAME thing EVERY DAY.  

Here’s a few tips to help them eat differently in exciting ways:

  • Use cookie cutters of all different shapes, sizes, animals, automobiles, etc for their sandwiches, fruits, veggies, anything you can cut out to make their food more exciting and enticing (click here for cookie cutters)
  • Use these bright silicone reusable cupcake liners to hold sliced veggies, fruits, or crackers 
  • If your child is a picky eater, these fun and easy to use feeding utensils by Pick-Ease can be used with a multitude of foods, keep your kids hands clean, and hopefully help those picky eaters not be so picky!
  • Add Lunchbox Love Notes to bring a smile to your kid’s face! They have riddles, fun facts, sweet sayings, and even free printables!

Change Up The Food Prep and Make Fun + Easy

One of the greatest struggles as a mom is coming up with new lunch ideas that are healthy, something your kids will eat, and quick to assemble.  

Here are some tips/tricks/links to making food prep fun + easy:

  • Include a type of food you know your child loves; favorite fruit, veggie, cracker, chip, drink, etc
  • Pick a theme for the week: dinosaurs, automobiles, outer space, spring, animals, Dr. Seuss, etc and choose foods to go with the theme as well as use some of the previously mentioned cookie cutters, cupcake liners, or notes
  • If your child is picky, use Pick-Ease, but also pick a “new color” of food for each day or week
  • Create a 5 day calendar with rotating lunch ideas which allow you to make similar lunches each week, but on different days (it also creates staple items and easy go-to lunches for mom!)
  • Use what your kids are learning in school and incorporate their learning into their lunches
  • Use holidays to help provide fun surprises in their lunches (candy hearts, shamrocks, pumpkins, candy corn, candy canes, holiday candies)
  • Prep the night before or during the weekend so last minute lunches don’t lead to stress, meals your kids will not eat, or a random assortment of snacks!
  • Links for more fun ideas: