Meet Amanda Harman


Meet Amanda Harman

My story goes that I fell in love with Baylor University first, then Waco, then a boy and then Texas. I’ve lived in Orlando and on Long Island. Needless to say, when I saw saddles and cowboy hats at the airport in DFW baggage claim, I laughed. I’ve since learned that depending on the time of year, this isn’t a usual airport sighting. Sometime during my freshman year at Baylor I met Bryan, a Texan. After much anticipation on my end, we started dating my senior year. We got married in 2011 and the next 6 months I juggled finishing a degree in social work and being a newlywed. 

In late fall of 2013, we welcomed Lily to our family. Lily enjoys dancing along side the family dog, Kaiya the Akita. Kaiya enjoys naps when we all leave for the day.

During the day I work at a local nonprofit that focuses on child and family success. I love what I do and love being a working mom. It’s truly a delight and part of God’s plan for me in this season. I enjoy hearing how every mom finds their balance with children, life and work whether that’s at home or elsewhere. In the evenings, I can usually be found watching Gilmore Girls, again, (you should probably know now that I’m “team Jess”), or at local theatre productions. 

I have found a richness of love and comfort in the different communities of friends in Waco and am happy to add Waco Moms Blog to the mix. I hope others can as well. I’m honored to be a contributor and am excited about this new community for my fellow Wacoans! 


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I only planned to stay in Waco "just for college", but ended up marrying a Texan, Bryan- and made Waco a permanent home in late 2011. Originally from the East Coast, I have grown to love the open spaces of the beautiful Texas sky. I work full time at a local non profit and currently enjoy the balancing act, trials and joys of being a working mom. At night, you can usually find me rewatching Gilmore Girls, again.