Meet Amy Williams


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Meet Amy Williams

Hey y’all! My name is Amy Williams!  

I grew up on a ranch outside Clifton, right down the road from Waco! A few county roads and miles separated me and what seemed liked the rest of the world. Growing up in a small town made Waco seem like the big, big city! At the time, I probably took the joys of simple country living for granted, but I always asked myself, “Is there life out there?”  There is.  High school was pretty much like any good country song- backroads, breakups and Boones!  So after graduation, I needed some wide open spaces! Where else would I be able to make my big mistakes, and believe me, I did.  

Making mistakes is how we live and learn and become better people. It is how we grow up! It creates an epic list to share with our kids of “What Not to Do.”  Making mistakes reveals the grace that God has for us and shows us our need to draw closer to Him.  While attending Baylor, I attended a Mercy Me concert for the first time. As tears rolled down my face, I finally felt like I was ENOUGH.  I felt like I belonged in this world and I stopped searching for others to love me! But then the perfect man walked into my life!  It’s funny how you find love, when you stop looking! 

My husband, Preston, is a Systems Admin and my go to tech guy! He is so good with technology, but hates when I use the actual word, ‘technology.’ I know, babe, ‘everything is technology.’  We have two children in Midway schools; our son Nathan is a senior in high school, and I am in total denial.  Our daughter is a 5th grader who participates in competitive cheer.  Hair spray, glitter, sweaty gym clothes, these are a few of my favorite things to loathe.  We are big Baylor Bear fans; we love football and Lady Bear Basketball. 

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts: Photography from Baylor and worked for several years as an art teacher!  Best job ever!  Oh, to have the confidence and creativity of a second grader with paint! I quickly became a school administrator and received my Masters of Educational Leadership through UT Tyler, while working full time, with 2 kids…did I mention my husband was great? The laundry was knee deep for two years straight, because all moms know that laundry is not a task husbands will do. Cook? Yes. Take the kids to school? No problem. But laundry? You better get a Sam’s membership just to buy tube socks and underwear in bulk, because the fear of being in a car wreck wearing dirty socks is real. 

After a few years in education and then the oil business, I decided that home is where my heart is!  Because I always need a creative outlet, I began to share my love of home remodeling, seasonal and holiday decorating, DIYs and furniture painting with others.  I love to decorate for parties, styling tablescapes and gallery walls are my forte, and I believe paint and hot glue can fix anything.  Working from home is a blessing.  I share my journey of transforming our 1980’s Tudor style house into the home of our dreams on Instagram as @cutertudor and most recently on my blog  

“The road goes on forever and the party never ends.”  Robert Earl Keen is a wise guy, y’all.  He knew those country roads were endless and that you can go anywhere in life.  I hope to inspire you to find and share your passion, to accept God’s grace, and to give grace when our kids make mistakes!  Because sometimes it is easier to laugh than cry!  While I don’t always quote country songs, I always say ‘y’all,’ drink sweet tea and love my Baylor Lady Bears! 

– Amy

 {Photo by Brigham Mayfield}


  1. Amy you are so talented. Glad my son married the girl of his dreams. Not to mention my two grandchildren are adorable. ❤💋😍

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