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Meet Angel Breton Waco Moms Blog

Meet Angel Breton

 Hi Waco Moms!

My name is Angel and I am so excited to be writing for Waco Moms Blog.I’ve lived in Waco my entire life except for a couple years while I went to college in Arlington at UTA.  After graduation I returned home, got a job as the Program Associate at the Cooper Foundation and opened my shop, Bee Angels in Spice Village. I have always dreamed of having a shop and selling, so much so, that during my childhood, my parents devoted their old boat shed into my first location. I spent countless hours creating and displaying items for sale. Though my location was rural (basically in the woods), I envisioned shoppers arriving and loading their vehicles with my goods. I offered classes to my younger cousins and sister and one year we even recorded a Christmas crafting special, similar (in my mind anyways) to one Martha Stewart may have aired.   

After being back in Waco for about a year, the timing finally fell in place to go on a date with the love of my life. I’ve known Jason since kindergarten and the sparks were pretty much always there but grew as we did.  I think we both realized that our hours long conversation for a college extra credit project was something more than extra credit, but hey, I did get an “A” in the class. We got married less than a year after our first date. Our early years of marriage were spent traveling, fishing, camping, and drinking coffee, something I never did before marriage.  Jason knew it was the needed ingredient for my general morning mood and it has continued to help me be a cheerful mom too.  A few years into our marriage, we decided to build our own home, doing much of the work ourselves.  This process took about two years and that is when I decided to start our blog, The Weld House, to keep family and friends updated with our progress.

After we were settled in our home, we decided it was time for the next stage of life.  Our one and only child, Lily was born in Summer 2012.  After her birth, I left the working world to be a stay-at-home-mom, while continuing to run my shop. Lily is hilarious like her daddy and has a love for all living creatures.  Her pets include a dog, cat, turtle and guinea pig, though this list could grow at any moment.

Over the last couple of years life has fallen into place. This allows our family of three to own and operate my original shop plus two more shops, Tradinghouse Design Co. and Lily’s Toy Box. You can find them located in Spice Village in Downtown, Waco. We feel blessed to work together as a family and doing what we love. We spend lots of time handcrafting goods, ordering, and treasure hunting. In our free time we like to craft, cook and do pretty much anything outdoors.

I have taken a break from blogging these last 3-4 years as my role in our family businesses has grown and most of my “computer time” has been spent on placing orders, keeping up with the price tag printing and working on social media endeavors.  I am so excited to get back to writing and look forward to this opportunity with Waco Moms Blog!