Meet April Caceres


Meet April Caceres

Hello Waco Moms!  My name is April Caceres and I’m a Wacomaniac.  I moved to Waco with my husband and three children one year ago, and I fell madly, truly and deeply in love.  There is something about Waco that is very special.  I believe at this moment, we are in just the beginning of Waco’s blossoming stages.  

I grew up in Texas, but immediately after high school I moved to New York City where I lived, studied, played and worked for the next eighteen years.  Twelve years ago, I met Javier, my handsome Argentine husband.  After a storybook NYC romance, we were hitched.  I’m the proud Mom of four children, the oldest being my sweet natured 16-year old stepson Elias.  Lucas is my first born, now 6 years old and destined to build rocket ships one day.  Isaiah is 3 years old and crazy determined to always get what he wants. (he also refuses to look at the camera) Aurora is my 18-month old ray of girlie sunshine.  

Together, my husband and I are dreamers and schemers.  We always imagined raising our children in Texas closer to my family and someday opening our own business.   We were officially burnt out on the fast pace, long hours and lack of family time that came with city life.  After Aurora was born, we decided to pull the plug and finally hit the road.  Our sights were set firmly on moving to Dallas or Austin.  At the time, we believed we were too metropolitan to live in a small town, but Waco has this funny way of pulling people in!  We fell for it with everything we’ve got.  We are grateful to call ourselves Wacoans.  I even created a blog called Fall for Waco where I document pieces of our story and showcase pieces of Waco that we love!

I’ve worn many hats in my adult life – working in theater, film and the finance industry.  My father taught me to believe in following my dreams, with vigor and determination.  While my dreams may have changed, my passion for following them hasn’t.  I also believe that family is one of the single most important components of our lives.  Motherhood is the best hat I’ve ever worn.  It is sacred, beautiful, and a seriously messy, complex part of life that I cherish. 

My favorite motherhood photo moment of all time is that #justarrived hospital picture.  You know that one!  The one when a Mom is holding her baby and they finally lock eyes.  The first time I laid eyes on my son, I felt a deep, unrelenting, fierce true love and knew instantly that I would do absolutely anything and everything to protect my baby.  The gravity of that moment, when a Mom holds their baby for the first time and gazes upon their perfect, tiny little face, is pure magic.  I sometimes think that moment may be the most honest moment of our lives.

I’m incredibly proud to be a Mom.  I’m proud to live in Waco and create our dreams in this town, and I’m especially proud to join Waco Moms Blog!