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Meet Brandy Stoffel

Hi, fellow Waco mom, I hope we get to meet some day soon! My name is Brandy Stoffel.  I have a teenager and toddlers, a job, no housekeeper and no therapist (I’m taking referrals). I love to write, paint furniture, listen to audiobooks and podcasts by crazy awesome women, and dream about the day my student loans are paid off.

I grew up on a small farm in West Texas where I could see the ‘Friday night lights’ from my house.  I love football, but I have no idea what’s going on without that yellow line.  But, I can shoot a rifle, haul hay, and close the gate like a native.

I attended law school (and more importantly, graduated) as a single mom. I actually packed a U-haul and my toddler and moved two states away where I knew no one.  I made the best of friends there, though, and changed my life.  It is a goal in my life to raise other women up by offering help and support.  You CAN accomplish your dreams.

I met my amAzing husband during my last semester and answered my momma’s prayers by bringing a veterinarian into the family. I followed him to Wisconsin; yes, that IS how you know a Texan loves you. He had 2 dogs, and I had 1 (this number is important later).

When we moved to Wisconsin, we bought a foreclosure with land. Somehow, we decided to do most of the work to remodel ourselves. We became “fixer upper” folks before the time Chip & Joanna made it so cool. We moved to Waco to join the cool kids last year.  My husband works for Baylor, and I still work remotely for University of Wisconsin.

We have twin girls that were born 3 months early after 6 weeks of bedrest. After 64 NICU days, we brought these sweet babies home. So, we have three daughters, 13 and 3 years old.  We also have those 3 dogs.

And that is where the name of my blog and styling service came from:


I style people and places for a few photographers, and really enjoy working with new friends.

I hope to get to meet you, too.
There is so much talent in this town; it is an incredible dream to be here, to be home.




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