Meet Jennifer Miller

Jennifer and her husband Tyler, along with their children, Tate and Coralie.

Meet Jennifer Miller

Hey y’all! I am thrilled to be able to share my heart with you through the Waco Moms Blog!  My name is Jennifer Miller. I grew up in a small town in Arkansas where I cruised the Sonic Drive-In wayyyyyy too many times to count and wore a camouflage jacket every day of high school. After graduation I went to college at Louisiana Tech University — How ’bout them Dawgs — where I met my husband Tyler. Meeting him 14 years ago meant I not only needed to like football, but I needed to love it. And boy am I glad I do. It is a big piece of our daily lives still today. 

Tyler and I have two beautiful, fun, and lively kiddos who live for laughter. Tate (4.5) and Coralie (2) look forward to their Friday night sprints on the football field after daddy’s games. We love our #wacotown and are happy to raise our children in the city that my husband’s family has called home for 6 generations.

So who am I and why am I now adding ‘blog contributor’ to my resume and to-do list? 

I am a teacher by trade with a passion for people. My heart is full when I am investing in others — whether it be my family or friends. I made a difficult decision to transition to work-at-home-mama 3 years ago, after a year-long struggle with anxiety and postpartum depression. To say that year was challenging would be an understatement (and my husband would agree). That journey has enabled me to be a voice to others in similar situations, and for that I am thankful. Now I start each day with purpose and passion, inspired and encouraged by those surrounding me each and every day. Some of those are friends who have journeyed with me through the throws of motherhood, others are family who continue to love me unconditionally. The rest are those change-makers who I have the pleasure of working alongside, encouraging and inspiring them to pursue their passions and chase hard after their dreams.  

During this season of life, the phrase ‘football widow’ is the title I wear proudly. It’s tough, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I also love both cooking and baking, learning about my Jesus, being involved in our church, serving our community through various volunteer organizations, and reading (I love it but am really hopeful that since I’m writing down ‘reading’ that you will hold me accountable). 

And to the real question.. why Waco Mom’s Blog? 

Glad you asked! I’m not quite sure I understand the full picture of why I felt the tug, the yearning, to be a WMB contributor. That still, small voice kept nudging me forward through the initial launching of WMB, encouraging me to apply and WRITE. To share my heart and experiences with authenticity. I believe that me saying yes to God’s push for me to apply, will allow me to be a vessel of encouragement and transparency to other mamas, in a season of life that can seem all too isolated.  I am honored to be a part of the Waco Moms Blog team and eager to share my heart with you.

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