Meet Jolynn Friesen



Hi, I’m Jolynn Friesen and I’m excited to be a contributing writer here at Waco Mom’s Blog! I live in Lott which is about 30 miles south of Waco. Lott is a teeny-tiny town of about 740 people. When I first moved there it was a rather difficult transition to a rural area without a Target or a decent grocery store near by (a good 30 minute drive). Never before had I needed to make lists for stores and plan my shopping day in ‘town’.

Originally I’m from Pennsylvania in a fruitful, thriving, beautiful, suburb of Lancaster City mixed with equal parts fields and towns. My attractive husband, who’s family is here, brought me down here – or more accurately I should say, I all to eagerly moved here to taste a new adventure. Texas!

Seven years later, and three beautiful children later, I am happy and settled and love my life out here with the fields and scrubby trees and country folk. I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom, most days, haha, and have quite a few local mom friends here as well. We do occasional park dates, babysit for each other, a monthly Bible study, and more recently a book club has been birthed. And we don’t all go to the same church which adds appealing variety and wealthy enrichment to my life.

We live in town, yet on the edge (if you can imagine that) and love our spacious backyard with a view and room to run. Sunsets are spectacular here. We have a big black dog, Chief who more often than not I wish wasn’t. Friendly neighbors and quiet dirt roads perfect for family walks. One of our neighbors has goats we visit and the Catholic church yard is the perfect open area for little bikes. This past year my son attended AWANA’s Wednesday nights. And, our local library has children story time on Tuesdays which has been a life saver on days were we just. need. to. get. out.

My children are Gavin, four, Cali, almost two and our newest addition Miles, a month old. I say raising children in this small town is the best, though we do wish Waco could pick up and walk at least 15 minutes closer. This winter I am looking forward to hunkering down with my three kiddos under four; expecting a whole lot of crazy and hoping for the best!

I love to write about my life, inspirational personal growth vignettes and what’s happening on our dance floor out here in little Lott. I blog over at I’m completely humbled and thrilled to be featured here at Waco Moms Blog and looking forward to connecting with y’all!