Meet Kim Millington


Hey! I am Kim Millington and I am thrilled to be a contributing writer for the Waco Mom’s Blog.
I love being follower of Christ, being a wife, and (of course) being a mom. I anticipate there will be many opportunities over the next few months to share more of the why parts of my story with you, but today I wanted to share some of the who and the what parts. 

Although not a Native Wacoan, I do love Waco a lot. I love all the quirky, philanthropic, and amazing parts of this city…a city which has captured my heart. As soon as I arrived to visit Truett Seminary at Baylor in 2007, I knew this place would become my home. A year later I moved in and began the amazing journey which brought me to this very moment, today… but let’s put a pin in that for now and jump backward just a few years…like 35!

I was born and raised in Burkburnett, Texas a small (10K people) suburb of Wichita Falls up in North Texas. My mom’s entire family, including my grandparents, all my great aunts and uncles, their children, my mom’s bothers and of course us, lived on one farm-to-market-road. My entire childhood, little sister Courtney, little brother Derick, and I walked bare-footed back and forth to my grandparents’ house next door. We went to church every Sunday…well, dropped off is a better word. My parents never stayed. One thing I feel important for you to understand about me is that I am really possessive. When I mention my parents or my children, etc. I do so with the vague understanding I share them with other people. Please offer me grace!

I began working in hospitality at the age of 16, and for the last 19 years it has basically oozed from my pores. Hospitality is a huge part of who I am and how I honor my faith, and it is my heart that you would feel it as you are reading my blog and spending time with me.
During college I became really involved in the Baptist Student Ministry, and through my amazing mentor I was introduced to Truett Seminary. I fell in love with Waco, with Baylor and with Truett. I knew I was where I belonged. Some of the most formative years of my life took place in seminary and my relationship with God, with the church (local) and with the church (global) have been shaped by that experience.

On the first day of seminary I met Alan, a guy who, to this day, is one of my dearest friends. He asked me to collaborate with him on a Bible Study he had been leading as they relocated to a coffee shop called Common Grounds. It was here “The Fellowship”, a Bible study for young adults, was formed and remained for the next 4 years. It was also here where I met my amazing husband, James. I joked one day (long before we were even considering dating) that all I wanted was to get married have two kids and drive a mini-van. He was in the process of finalizing a divorce and had two kids and a minivan.

A few months later we started dating, and within 40 days we were engaged. I was elated to marry him. I am still in awe of how God worked this all together, but that is another story for another day. My wedding was April 30, 2011. I entered a covenant with both James and the kids. Suddenly I was a mom and a wife. My kids were 8 and 10, and we got started making a great life together.
40 days after our wedding day James had a stroke.
We are fortunate he is doing well but my story cannot be told without understanding that first year of our marriage. It included 5 surgeries…some for him and some for me…and taught us how to care for one another well. We learned to love well, and we learned some things are a big deal, and some things just aren’t.

My son Jonathan is now almost 19, a junior at Midwestern State University and preparing to enter the Airforce. He is brilliant, stubborn, prophetic and giving. He also was diagnosed with Asperger’s around the age of 13. Something I hope to write about some more in the future.

My daughter Nicholle is 16 and a senior at Rapoport Academy. She is graduating a year early and very ready to become a journalist and lawyer. She also wants to board a plane to Nepal, fulfilling her calling. Raising a missionary has its challenges, and I will definitely be writing some more about that in the future.

My husband and I both taught for La Vega ISD last year and felt God clearly call us away to wait on Him and his timing for what comes next. We knew he called us to be free, so we are in a process of waiting. Some call it unemployed, but we are calling it patience. We are having a blast spending time together binge-watching TV shows, having “job application” marathons, drinking coffee and just having amazing deep conversations.

We have been at Harris Creek Baptist Church for about Two and a half years and love it. We also host a weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons where the young man we consider our oldest son, Ryan (Seen above with his bride Nicole) serves as DM. It is the perfect combination of what my husband loves (the game) and what I love (hospitality).

Most days I can be found sitting at the Olive Branch Café having a cup of Bakery Blend coffee, working through my Sacred Ordinary Days planner and devotional just interacting with people who come by. I usually post on Instagram when I am there so please, if you are reading this, feel free to join me for coffee and conversation. The coffee is on me!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and I hope to learn more of yours as well. Comment, reach out, and just know that no matter what – there are a group of amazing moms who are here to listen, respond, and sit with you.
On social media, you can find me on Facebook @mycoachMillie, on Instagram @coach.millie, and on Twitter @coach_millie.