Meet Lea Wolf


Meet Lea Wolf

My name is Lea Wolf.  My name is pronounced like Leah, I not only never find my name on a pencil but nobody pronounces my name correctly on the initial meeting.  

My husband and I grew up in Troy, Texas. After finishing the first round of college in Dallas we moved to Waco. My husband was working in Waco and I started teaching in Valley Mills. I got pregnant with our first son, Reuben, and decided to settle down in Valley Mills. We both grew up in a small town and knew we wanted that for our family. We now have tons of trees to climb, pasture to run through and a creek to splash around in.

My mother was a stay at home mom and I always thought I would be as well, until I had my first son. I couldn’t survive the summer so I figured I’d stick with teaching.  I love the semi flexibility I get with a teaching calendar, and being off a lot of the times when my kids are. I teach at my kids elementary school so that is also a huge blessing being able to see my kids periodically during the day. I get excited every time my 5th grader waves at me in the hall. I know those days are soon coming to an end. My kids are used to being dragged up to my classroom when I need to work late, or on a vacation day. I am in my 14th year teaching Special Education/Resource. It’s what I’ve always done, and don’t have any desire to be a “classroom” teacher, for lack of better term.

I have 4 kids in my Wolfpack: Reuben (10), Cooper (9), Amelia(6), and Jacob(4). My kids are involved in all kids of activities and I’m driving them to somebodies actives most nights.  I love showing my kids the world. I love seeing their different reactions to new food and activities. I love watching the kids encouraging each other to try new things.  I love cooking dinner with my family.  I love eating at the table most nights for dinner and talking to my people.  

I love to make them huff and roll their eyes at me when we’re trying out something new is more like it.  I keep telling myself they are going to appreciate everything one day, until then I’ll continue killing it.  I’ll also admit I let my kids play outside by themselves while I have lovely moments to myself. I love reading, mostly a good love story, but I do lots of teaching research as well.  I love getting a moment to talk to my husband over a great glass of wine or a fabulous new beer.