Meet Lyndsey Hurtado


Meet Lyndsey Hurtado

Hello my fellow Wacoan moms!

My name is Lyndsey Hurtado and I am originally from the land of delicious tacos, a.k.a San Antonio, Texas.  I met my handsome husband Drew at our alma mater, Texas State University (eat ’em cats!), and we married in 2011. Coaching brought us to my husband’s hometown of Waco in 2013 and we have been putting our roots down deeper ever since. Our precious boy Michael was born in June of 2014 and has rocked our world in the best of ways. We are expecting our newest little love in August and can’t hardly wait for our lives to get even crazier.

My husband is a born and raised Wacoan and I love that we get to raise our kids in this wonderful town. We desire to serve God and others by living missionally in our beloved city. We are both educators while hubby also carries the titles of football and baseball coach. I grew up a “coach’s kid” and embrace the joy (and chaos) of football and baseball seasons. We thoroughly enjoy our summer breaks and pack it full of family adventures to carry us through the busy school year.

Being a teacher-mom comes with many blessings and challenges. Ever since I can remember, I knew I wanted to be a mom and a teacher one day. Now that I wear both of those hats simultaneously, I can honestly say my hands and my heart are so full. One of my favorite things right now is being able to teach my very ripe, almost 3 year old all about the world around him. He currently loves all things superheroes, letters, numbers, and animals. 

While I am new to blogging my own writing, I have been an avid blog reader for years. I LOVE to read and learn new things. As of late, I am attempting to grow my homesteading skills. One day I hope to have a small farm with a garden, chickens, goats, and a family cow or two. Being outdoors is my favorite (when it’s not cold outside) and I often get stir-crazy when stuck indoors too long. Personally, I don’t like labels, but for the sake of understanding I would consider myself a “crunchy” mom. I tend to gravitate towards holistic and natural living, especially since becoming a mother. If you ever want to talk pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding, I am your girl. Birth stories are probably one of my most favorite things ever. 

I am excited to be a part of Waco Moms Blog and look forward to having this amazing resource at our fingertips!