Meet Rachel Whyte


Meet Rachel Whyte


Hello mamas! I’m Rachel Whyte and I’m a photographer, business owner, pastor’s wife and mom to two littles. I was raised in deep East Texas and because of that, I have lots of fond memories of pasture parties and small town fairs. 

I’m the second oldest of eight kids and I came to Baylor University in 2007. I haven’t left Waco since then! I met my Coloradan husband, Luke, our sophomore year, and after a few break ups, we finally got engaged and married in 2012.

Soon after we got married, I jumped head first into starting my own photography business and in my first year, I photographed 25 weddings. It became clear that I had found what I was supposed to be doing. 

In 2014, Luke was working in real estate when he was asked to come on staff at Antioch Community Church as the young adult pastor. We felt like that was what the Lord was calling us to, so even though it wasn’t what we thought our lives were going to look like, we decided to say yes. 

Soon after that we had our first daughter, Haven, and 18 months later, we had our first son, James. It was crazy two years to say the least! 

About a year ago, Luke and I began to notice the swarms of people that were coming to Waco each week to visit Magnolia. We decided to start a tour company with our friend David where we show people around our little city. It’s pretty fun! If you see two vans zipping around the city with “Waco Tours” on the side, that’s us!

One of my favorite things to do is to write, and now that I’m a mom, I’ve realized that it’s a great outlet for me to write about my experiences as a mom. I chronicle these “adventures” on my Instagram @rachel_whyte under the hashtag #adventuresinmomming. My heart is for moms to be encouraged, be reminded that they’re not alone, and maybe even provide a little comic relief. 

I also love to share my testimony, my story of redemption, as a way to give Jesus glory. If you ever want to hear it, let me know!

I’m so excited to be a part of the Waco Moms Blog family. 🙂