Meet Whitney Horner


Meet Whitney Horner

Hey moms! My name is Whitney, and I am excited to connect with each of you via Waco Mom’s Blog!  I was born in Dallas, spent my college years+ in Austin, and in late 2016, we moved to the Waco area.  Waco has always been a “pit stop” of mine whether I was visiting Austin as a child, driving to and from college, or simply to visit Baylor friends.  The ease of getting around Waco is a dream compared to the crowded highways of Dallas or Austin.  I am so grateful to call this town our home, and we hope it will be so indefinitely!

I have been married for about five and half years to my husband, Trent, who does not bleed burnt orange, but is Baylor Bear tried and true! We met through mutual friends in college, remained friends thereafter, and finally decided we should try dating.  Several years later, three moves, and two kids+ 1 dog (Beckett age 3 and Kennedy age 1+ Raley our lab), we share a love for college football, and we (or rather I) try not to rub in it too much when the Horns successfully beat the Bears.

I have discovered an overwhelming amount about myself, my marriage, and my children through becoming a mom.  Parenting has been filled with some of the most challenging, yet rewarding moments.  No one can prepare you for the amount of love you will experience when your child enters this world, their first smile, their first “I love you mommy”, their first “boo-boo”, and all the moments we will experience as they continue to grow.  Being a somewhat Type-A neat freak, no one and I mean no one could prepare me for all the messes kids would make on a daily basis.  With the help of my not so Type-A (at all) husband, messes do not seem so bad (sometimes), and the really difficult moments of parenting have not only provided learning moments, but refining moments…and not just for our toddler.

Prior to mom life, I worked as an adult ICU nurse and a pain management nurse, but after nine months of being a full-time working mom, I knew I wanted to only be a nurse to my kids and be at home.  Despite the flexibility of the medical field, I am not sure if a career in nursing is something I will ever return to.  I am able to maintain my nursing license by doing a little bit of work from home, which seems to suit me.  I cannot imagine not being with our kids because I know my heart is to be here cleaning up those crazy messes.  I am also an independent consultant for skincare company, Rodan+Fields, which also allows me to be at home and allows me to have my own outlet.  

My interests, likes, and extracurriculars include (in no particular order): being outside with our kids, Crossfit, date nights, times well spent with friends, cooking, coffee, dessert specifically chocolate, my family, getting know local Waco gems (restaurants, coffee shops, etc), my church, and Jesus.  


  1. Cant wait to meet you, Whitney. Messes are hard. I had trouble with that, also, while raising my three. I survived and somehow they did, as well!!

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