A Thank You Letter To My Mom on Mother’s Day


Beloved Mom,

This is going to be emotional for me to write but you are so worth it. I have so many things to say and yet have difficulty finding words that are good enough. Especially since becoming a mother myself. I certainly appreciate you all the more.

First of all, happy mother’s day mom. This day has always felt extra significant for us since I made you a mom on Mother’s day 29 years ago. I have always taken pride in the fact that on Mother’s day, May 8, 1988, I was lucky enough to be your firstborn on such a special day. This post is for you and I hope you know how much you mean to me.

THANK YOU for modeling how to be a supportive coaches wife. Some days I seriously wonder how you did it for so long. You managed to get us kids to practices and meetings, cook dinner, keep a clean house, and rarely ever miss a game ALL BY YOURSELF. Friends have complimented me on my ability to stay sane and supportive during a long season. I always give credit to you as my example. When it gets hard I tell myself, “if mom did it, I can too.”

THANK YOU for your example of marriage. This is for you and dad. I am so thankful that I grew up in a loving, two parent home. I realize now that comes with privileges that I didn’t appreciate as a child. You saved for my college so that my debt would be minimal. You bought a third car for me to drive when I got my license. We took family vacations and made memories together. You helped me fund raise so I could travel to Europe with orchestra. You sent me to summer camps. You paid for our wedding. I could go on and on. Thank you for fighting for one another and never giving up. Thank you for honoring your vows to one another. I want to be like you.

Photo by Holly Bollinger

THANK YOU for teaching me how to be independent. I know I complained about having to do chores, but those labors were fruitful. My house will probably never be as clean as yours and I will probably never be as wise with finances as you are, but I’m satisfied with even being close to your level. 

THANK YOU for your forgiveness even when I hadn’t said “I’m sorry”. I was seriously an awful teenager. How did you put up with me? Thanks for your constant prayers of intercession (they worked) and all the second, third, fourth, etc. chances. I didn’t deserve any of them. I can only hope to be as gracious when my boys mess up.

THANK YOU for your servant’s heart. You are always doing things for others and you are the most thoughtful person I know. Whether it be your time, effort, or gifts – you serve me and others so well. I am so thankful that you quickly came to my side when Mikey was born. I’m certain you knew what I was in for, even though I didn’t as a brand new mom. When I struggled to adjust to my new identity as a mother, you never made me feel like I had no idea what I was doing. You were just there, by my side, doing whatever needed to be done whenever it needed to be done. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their mother by their side in those moments and I am so thankful I had you there. You’re an awesome Mom and Memaw.

I HOPE that I can be half the mother and wife that you are. I love you more than you know.