This is My Mommy Christmas List


Christmas is such a magical time. When you were a kid it all seemed to magically appear that way as well. As an adult, you realize that it in fact is a lot of hard work and at times stress. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth it for my kids to have that same awe and wonder with the holiday season but can we agree that by the end of the holidays, we are exhausted! The decorations, the gifts, the parties, the elf on the shelf, church activities, school activities, meals, holiday lights, holiday festivals, cookie baking and decorating it’s a lot of work. At the end of a busy holiday season what do most mom’s really wish they had gotten for Christmas? I’ve compiled a list.

10 Gifts Every Mom Wishes She Had Gotten For Christmas

1. Something as simple as someone bringing HER a snack while she watches Netflix or searches Pinterest (on more than one occasion.)

2. A wine night with her girls.

3. An uninterrupted Sunday afternoon nap.

4. A home cooked dinner…. Made by someone else.

5. A house cleaner.

6. To go to the bathroom without someone knocking, crying or trying to have a conversation through the door. (Peaceful toileting… or showering for that matter on more than one occasion.)

7. Laundry Service, and someone to come put the laundry away. That’s the worst part by far!

8. A membership to a wine of the month club… or whatever libation or food gets you through the week. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to in the midst of a busy week.

9. Car Detailing- For both mommies of messy kids and pets.

10. A massage- Duh!

And one to grow on:

11. Two passes to either Painting with a Twist, Practically Picasso or another cutesy, fun art type activity. Then leave it up to mommy to choose whether she is in need of a date night OR a girls night. ( No pouting when she decides!)

So skip the “stuff” and give a mom something she REALLY wants for Christmas this year.


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