Planning Your Trip to Magnolia Market: What You {Really} Need To Know


::Tips for your Trip to Magnolia::

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Chip and Joanna Gaines have quickly become Americas favorite sweethearts and a household name along with the Magnolia brand. People from all over the world converge at Magnolia Market in Waco, TX hoping to get a glimpse of Chip and Jo. Although you may not get to see them, you can be certain that the Gaines have put there touch on everything here from the beautiful kitchenette in the market to the swings hanging outside by the play yard. They have literally thought about everything to make your visit an experience you won’t forget. That being said I am going to give you some tips to help making your experience as pleasant as possible.


1. The Restrooms
This seems to almost everyone’s first stop when they arrive. As you first enter the market the registers will be on your left, go past the registers and the restroom is located on the left corner of the store. Each restroom is co-ed and has it own changing table along with table liners! Thank you Joanna Gaines!
There is also an additional set of restrooms outside. If you follow the side of the market they are located in a little white building, and very cute for a set of outdoor restrooms I must say. These restrooms tend to go quicker because there are multiple stalls in each restroom.




2. Elevator
They also provide an elevator in the opposite corner of the store for anyone who is not able to get up and down the stairs. The the first level is elevated and there are stairs as you access the front and back of the store.


3. The Shopping Bag
The beautiful canvas shopping bag is for sale! Hallelujah! Although it is a slight different from the floor model it is just as beautiful. The price point on the bags is $54. To some this may be a little pricey but the handles are genuine leather, they have a water proof lining, and they are hand made. The bags are located behind the register -just ask for one as you check out!

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4. The Check Out Line
Don’t be scared, the lines move quickly. The friendly staff works quickly and efficiently to wrap and package all the goodies you plan to take home. Also, Jimmy Don signs are located behind the registers if you wish to take one home, and if you have a couple of small non breakable items (shirts, stickers, key chains,hats) they do have staff walking around that are able to check you out.


5. The Silos Baking Co.
It seems a lot of people are discouraged to conquer the bakery because of the line. Again, it goes quickly. There is a staff member at the end of the line passing out menus and they can tell you an approximate wait time. I have been several times and have never waited over 20 min. I wait longer than that at Subway! 


5. Water Station and Hydration
As it begins to heat up in Texas, guests are in encouraged to stay hydrated. With that being said Magnolia provides a water station where they have plenty of bottles of water available for $1.50 ea. It’s a cute little souvenir too! They also have umbrellas for there guest to use whether it’s rain or shine!


6. Parking Lot
Why pay for parking when Magnolia provides a free parking lot! The lot is located behind the market on 8th street. This lot is accessible from the back of the grounds, the view of the silos as you walk in is breathtaking! There is usually plenty of street and downtown parking, but no need to walk, just hitch a ride on the free trolley to the store!


7. Trolley
The Silo District Trolley is provided by The City of Waco and its free!!! The trolley runs from 9am-6:30pm and takes you on a 15 min ride that goes around downtown. There are great stops along the trolley route like the candy store Hey Sugar!,Jakes Texas Tea House, or The Hippodrome. There are also some great shopping locations such as Spice Village and Cameron Trading Company that you won’t want to miss out on!

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8. Kid Friendly AND Pet friendly

Magnolia Market is family friendly. There is a large lawn on the grounds complete with lawn games, swings, picnic tables, and the cutest lawn chairs. Even if you do not feel like shopping, you can visit the Market a few hours before close (to avoid crowds) and let your kiddos run around. The energy at the Market is infectious. Pull up a chair, listen to the music, and enjoy family time!

If you watch the show then you already know Chip and Joanna are true animal lovers and it’s seems everyone at the store as well. So do not worry about having to leave your pet in car, they are welcome. Just make sure they go potty before coming to the grounds as most of the turf is artificial. They also have a water trough near the garden area if your pet gets parched.


9. Loading Door
If you find yourself juggling too many bags or have purchased a subsequent amount of merchandise, Magnolia provides a loading door where you can pick up your items. The loading door is located on Webster Ave. and there is a parking space near the handicaps spaces that are by the building. All you have to do is ring the doorbell and a friendly staff member will help you with your items.


10. Hours
Magnolia’s business hours are Monday – Saturday 9-6, closed on Sunday. The Silos Baking Co. opens at 7:30 and closes at 6 as well. Take into mind that their hours may vary depending on holidays and special events. Make sure you allow yourself time to go to the bakery, I definitely wouldn’t show up at 6. The food trucks hours vary greatly but they all tend to be open between the hours of 11am-2pm mainly for lunch crowds.

I recommend to go on a Tuesday or Wednesday, early to the to the bakery, shop the the market, and then stay for lunch. If you are not a morning then I would say come for a late lunch, bakery, then shop the market in late afternoon/early evening. It does tend to busier during prime lunch hours (11-2) especially in the market, but its definitely worth it!



Whether you are just stopping by on your way through town or planning your family vacation, I hope that these little details help make your Magnolia experience that much better. Joanna and her team change the decor of the store every season. It is always fun to see what her next vision will be. Like they say, “It’s the little things in life” especially like knowing where the restroom is located!


  1. We went on a Saturday at about 11 am and it was crazy!! I am keeping your post with the excellent tips because we will definitely be going back…with a better plan this time! Spice Market is great shopping too and should be added to this day!

  2. We will be coming through in October with friends that are coming from England. We will either be by going down to San Antonio or hitting you all coming back up. Can not wait to see hopefully Jo and Chip while we are there. I am finishing reading there book and it makes me very happy

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