So Sorry for the Delay….Actual Reasons I Can’t Always Text Back Promptly


sorry for the delay waco moms blog

Moming 4 kids is always full of surprises.   Sorry I didn’t text you back……

I was on the hunt for Kleenex, only to find my 6 year old had made herself boobies.

I found my oldest 2 boys playing with piles of baby powder.  They made a snow world for their cars.  

My youngest covered himself in marker.  Then melted my heart “Momma I was dancing then I colored.  I’m sorry.”  Then he held my face and kissed my cheek.   

I’m washing the same load for the 5th time.  It usually little boys clothes.  I think it’s my subconscious telling me the smelly boy clothes needed another wash.  

My kids had a snowball fight with Kleenexes and then proceeded to make snow angels in the Kleenex.

My daughter painted her wall with nail polish.

I’m giving my boys a lesson on how to scrub out the trash can, because I found pee in it.  Seriously people, who pees in the trash can????  

I’m telling my boys to get their hands out of their britches, again.  Yes, I call them britches.  I decided it’s more fun to say than pants.  

I’m telling my kids they can’t lick each other.  Which I then also had to tell them to stop licking the cat.  

I’m having conversation about why I wear dresses with pockets and carry a giant purse.  

I’m telling my youngest to stop streaking through the house screaming “naked party.”  

I’m telling my 4 year old he has to wear pants to the store.  Then having to wait on him to finish his fit so we can leave.

I’m telling them this is the dinner I made, you can fix your own dinner if you want something else.  

I’m getting told by another parent that they shut the door on my car.  Again.  


These are the days of my lovely life, that I wouldn’t give up for the world.  


What are some reasons you can’t text back?