It Takes a Village to Raise a Child: Thank You Village!


It takes a village to raise a child. I don’t remember the first time I heard this, but I do remember the first time it resonated with me.  This was sometime after the village had raised me for quite a while, but before I was a parent, and though the idea made sense and intrigued me at the time, I did not realize how important “the village” really is.

I did not realize how much I would one day depend so much on this village in a way I had never before.  

I am thankful for the village that took part in raising me. But being a mom has made me so very grateful for the village that is my constant companion in helping me raise my little one.  Parenthood is the most challenging (yet rewarding) endeavor I have experienced. I truly depend on my village that is by my side on a daily basis.  I could not do it without my village. 


Thank you village!

Thank you to my husband who is hands on every day.  

Thanks to the stranger at the grocery store.

Thank you grandparents for spoiling our little one (and finding ways to still spoil us a little too.)

Thank you young school kids for teaching our daughter about the joys (and trials) of friendships.

Thanks to policemen.

Thank you pastor for always having the best words to explain Jesus’ love.

Thanks Ninja Warrior for teaching hard work and dedication.

Thank you sister for keeping our little one clothed and fashionable.

Thanks older cousins for being  positive examples and making Lily always feel special.

Thanks also to the mom at the park.

Thank you firefighter.

Thanks school teacher for the knowledge and lessons… for making it clear that hitting another student with a pencil is never the correct way to handle an issue.

Thank you friend.

Thanks to uncles for being fun and for all the laughter.

Thanks to our neighbors.

Thank you little cousins for the lessons in patience, sharing and helping one another.

Thanks to the man at the street corner.

Thank you librarian.

As a matter of fact, thanks to the grown ups that play with toys on YouTube.

Thank you military.

Thank you Peppa for teaching about the joys of muddy puddles.

Thanks to pets for loyal love, joy and happiness.

By the same token, thank you aunts for being awesome role models.

Thanks to the waitress at the restaurant.

Thank you doctor for helping keep our daughter well.

Thanks Great Grandparents for your wisdom gained by years of service in the village.


holding hands

I could not do this without you, village.  Some days are hard.  Some weeks are long.  But I know you’ve got my back.  I appreciate you!