Taking Full Advantage of Summer BREAK


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I would love to say I was one of those super organized Pinterest moms where I have the list of things my kids do before they get the WiFi password, but I’m just not.  I’m also not super strict on what days certain rooms in my house need to be cleaned.  I am a mom and a teacher that LOVES summer break, break being the key word there.  I am a super laid back mom of 4 very different kids that love all of our summer break days: veg days, play days, creek days, reading days, movie days,  work/chores days, and mostly days full of combos of the above.  The most structure I have it telling my kids in the morning what the plan for the day is.  Thankfully my kids are pretty easy going and for the most part they are good with that tidbit of information.

I like to think we have good balance at the house.  

Our school year gets busy with life and we just need down time.  Our brains and bodies are just exhausted from being on the go so much with little down time. Even though we are still pretty busy in the summer with grocery store trips – every summer I forget how much they eat! In addition to zoo time, library books, picking up a friend, dropping a kid off with a friend.  Whatever the plan for the day is we’re doing it as a family.  If we’re watching movies, we’re going to do it together in the living room.  If we’re reading, then we’re together in the living room.  I also take “veg time” to hang with my older boys and keep up with what they’re watching on YouTube, what games they’re into, etc.  We do have times where we need to separate and everybody goes in their own room and maybe this is my time to myself.  We play outside a lot of mornings.  We’re pretty lucky that we have a creek on our property and my husband has built a beautiful tree house, swing set, play house for my daughter, and a zip line.  
If we are vegging I try to break it up with chores.  I’m not a big fan of cleaning the house all day so this adds incentive to getting tasks finished.   The kids are good about this ,but it probably has a lot to do with them knowing everything is on hold until the task is finished.  They have gotten good about “encouraging” each other to finish the chore so they can get back to veg time.

Honestly, I’m a huge fan of vegging out to movies, going down to the creek for a few hours, and then vegging the rest of the day away.  Think about it, you change from pj’s, to creek swimwear, shower and back to pj’s again.  It’s a day the kids enjoy, and it doesn’t require too much laundry.  

I figure if we’re together as a family it’s better than separate rooms with doors shut any day.  


  1. I love this idea of lazy ‘veg’ days of summer. I’ve been challenged lately to let my kids be board and not fill their little lives with things and stuff. It’s refreshing to read about another mom who is ok with a slower pace of life. I’m not alone 🙂

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