Target Dollar Section: AKA Jackpot


Target is one of those stores where I have really good intentions of “sticking to my list” of things I need. I feel like I am mothering myself when I hear my mind telling me “no you don’t need to look at the kids clothes or the cute new decorative pillows,” and “ you should just walk as fast as you can past the dollar section”. IMPOSSIBLE. It is like I am telling my three and half year old a few hundred times “we are not buying that…because I said so”, when in actuality I am having a battle with myself to put it back if it is not on my list.


The dollar section is perfectly and strategically placed.


You have to walk past it to get anywhere else in the store. Target marketers are geniuses with this one small section that pulls at you and calls your name without fail almost every time. The other day I was there with my kids, and at our Target, there is now a big display of dollar cartons of goldfish. Now I really cannot zoom past the bright colors of dollar items without my toddler shouting,” look mom goldfish! I need a snack!”


After much convincing I do not need to stop, we stop. We grab the goldfish, and I start perusing the rest of the dollar section. You can literally find everything there; Band-Aids and socks with every Disney, Pixar, and other cartoon characters, candy, bouncy balls and light up toys. There are cute decorative items both seasonal and just everyday décor. Bins filled with stickers galore, coloring books, paper, stencils, bathtub fun, and bubbles. And, you think to yourself, “hey it’s only a dollar,” times the now fifty items filling your basket, and you have yet to make it fifty yards into the store!


The dollar section is perfect for teacher gifts, stocking stuffers for all ages, birthday gifts when you’re in a hurry, or when your friend or even yourself just needs a little pick me up. Once you have stocked up on dollar items, you are ready to begin your actual Target shopping. Thank you, dollar section!