Texas Wildflowers



Spring has sprung in Texas and that means there’s one thing is for sure, there will be wildflowers! If you have driven along I35 or an old country road your bound to see a plethora of wildflowers. These beautiful blossoms create colorful bouquets that line hundreds of miles of Texas roadsides, and we have just a few more weeks of the year to enjoy them! 

Here are a few of the most common wildflowers you will see in Texas:


Known for being the state flower of Texas. The shape of the petals on the flower resembles the bonnet worn by pioneer women to shield them from the sun. Hence the name bluebonnet! 


Indian Paintbrush

The Indian Paintbrush is also known as the prairie-fire. The actual flower itself is edible in moderation, but the roots and greens can be toxic. 


Indian Blanket

The Indian Blanket is also know as the firewheel. This flower is not picky about soil, so it is found in many different places around the world. Although,  Oklahoma claims this flower as it states wildflower. 

Evening Primrose 

Did you know that this flower starts out white and turns darker pink the older they get? 

Blue-eyed Grass 

These flowers are not technically a grass, and are most closely related to the iris. The Blue Eyed grass is found in a blue, white, yellow, and purple petals, often with a contrasting center.



The dandelion is known for its yellow flower heads that turn into round balls of silver tufted fruits that disperse in the wind called “blowballs”. What you probably didn’t know is the dandelion has many culinary uses. The green leafy part can be cooked or eaten raw. So u can make a salad or cook the dandelion greens which are similar to mustard greens. 

Black Eyed Susan

The Black Eyed Susan is the state flower of Maryland, and is also a use as an herbal medicines by many Native American tribes. 


Yarrow also known as milfoil can grow a few feet in height and secretes a strong sweet scent.


As tempatures in Texas begin to rise, the blue bonnets and Indian paintbrushes have started slowly withering away while flowers such as the Indian Blanket and Yarrow are in their prime. The dandelions and primrose are still in full bloom and the roadsides are still just as beautiful, but maybe I’m biased because I’m a Texan! 


What is your favorite wildflower?